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25px-Disambig This article covers Japan in Red Alert 3 and Red Alert 3: Uprising. For additional information, see Japan.
Empire of the Rising Sun
Kyokujitsu teikoku

Imperial constitutional monarchy


Meiji Constitution 1889 w. amendments


War of the Three Powers

The Uprising

Head of State

The Emperor


Crown Prince
Imperial Shogunate

Legislative branch

National Diet




Imperial Units and Structures Summary



Official language




Date established


Date fragmented



Defeated and occupied by the Allied forces. Lost it's superpower status

Who knows what nightmares we have created...?
- Dr. Gregor Zelinsky, witnessing the accidental rise of the Empire.

The Empire of the Rising Sun is the Imperial regime of Japan, led by the Emperor and the Shogunate. Created as a result of Anatoly Cherdenko's erasure of Albert Einstein from the timeline, the Empire of the Rising Sun declared war on both the Allies and the Soviet Union during the War of the Three Powers, believing that it is its "divine destiny" to rule the world. Influenced by nationalism, militarism and imperialism, the Empire has adopted aggressive policies, viewing the Allies and Soviets nothing more than "barbaric oppressors".

Official Fact Sheet


A nationalistic, zealous army of warriors willing to lay down their lives for their godlike Emperor and his vision. The Empire of the Rising Sun runs a strictly-disciplined military that takes great pride in its futuristic weaponry and ruthless tactics.

Bases of Operations

  • War of the Three Powers: Main base of operation in Tokyo, Japan. Other command posts identified at Mt Fuji, the Black Tortoise, Yokohoma Harbor, and Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hawaii.
  • Uprising: Tokyo

Head of State


  • WotTP: Militaristic, imperialist government, with some fascist and nationalist ideals. Zealous followers lay down their lives for their Emperor and his vision. The Emperor is the supreme ruler and head of state. Under him served a Shogunate, comprised of representatives from all corners of the Empire.
  • Uprising: Reuniting the now-shattered Empire into its past glory, set to achieve by Emperor Tatsu and late Emperor Yoshiro's remaining shogunate. Secretly trying to overthrow allies.

Military strength

  • WotTP: A secretly constructed, strictly-disciplined, technologically advanced army, consisting of hi-tech weaponry, heavy walkers, robots, amphibious Tanks, nanotechnology, transforming mechanical vehicles, advanced naval warships and psionics. However, they are, by far, the weakest force in Air power - this is compensated by their Naval supremacy.
  • Uprising: Same as before, only difference is the addition of the following units: the Steel Ronin, the Giga Fortress and the Archer Maiden. However it is much smaller than before, and under allied supervision.

Economic strength

  • WotTP: Assumed to be a massive monopoly, with enough resources and manpower to rival both the Allies and the Soviet Union.
  • Uprising: Probably smaller, especially compared to the allies.

Political strength

  • WotTP: The Empire has Japan under its control, along with its conquered territories in Asia and the Pacific.
  • Uprising: Same as before, however it is under allied supervision.


  • WotTP: The Imperial Shogunate and conquered territories in Asia.
  • Uprising: Emperor Tatsu allied with the Allied Forces against the Rebellion in Japan.



Emperor Yoshiro played by George Takei

Formation: Bright Sun Rising

The Empire of Japan transformed into the Empire of the Rising Sun after 1927 following two significant temporal events: the erasure of Adolf Hitler by Albert Einstein in 1924, and the erasure of Einstein by Anatoly Cherdenko in 1927. By the time of the War of the Three Powers, the Empire extended to Oahu in the mid-Pacific.

Spurred by Emperor Yoshiro's vision of "divine destiny" and global hegemony, the Empire undertook a significant expansion of its armed forces prior to the war. The Allies and Soviets estimated the Empire's resources as greatly inferior to their own. The sophistication and scale of the build up, including notable developments in Wave-Force and nanotechnology, went largely unnoticed.

War of the Three Powers

Imperial strategy took advantage of circumstances generated by the war between the Allies and the Soviet Union. The concentration of Soviet forces in Western Europe was an opportunity not to be missed. The Imperial bid for world domination opened with an offensive on the relatively poorly defended eastern territories of the Soviet Union.

Emperor Yoshiro waited until the Allies expended themselves pushing the Soviets out of Western Europe before announcing the Empire's ambitions to the world. The deployment of floating fortresses into the North Sea and western Mediterranean to force European submission coincided with the announcement. The question then becomes: can the upstart Empire fulfull its destiny and triumph over two global superpowers?

The wait for the answer was not a long one.

The Allies and Soviets organized a truce and a combined European counter-offensive against the Empire. The North Sea floating fortress was destroyed when its power reactors were induced to overload by enemy sabotage action. With the immediate threat to Europe removed, the Allies began planning an attack on where the Empire of the Rising Sun calls home: Japan.

With the war developing apace the Supreme Shogunate held a meeting in Tokyo. Allied spies learned of this and an Allied-Soviet strike on Tokyo was organized to eliminate the Imperial leadership. While Soviet forces quietly abandoned the offensive to prepare for a resumption of operations against the Allies, the Allied component was equal to the task. With their top leaders apprehended or assassinated, the Empire's war effort came to a halt. The Empire eventually conceded defeat and accepted Allied occupation.

Alternate Imperial Victory

RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Empire of the Rising Sun campaign for Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

If the answer is "yes", it would be no doubt the victory of Japan's empire would spell doom for the world as we know it. The end of the war will see King Onis cutting down flags of their fallen foes across the globe, FutureTech (the Allies' premier defense firm) will be razed to the ground, the Shogun Executioner will level Moscow and the Kremlin in a show of technological brute force and finally, the Imperial Commander, responsible for the victory, will be promoted to Supreme Shogun - the highest rank possible in the Imperial Military. Soon after, he takes leave on Hawaii to join Suki Toyama for a well-deserved vacation.

Alternate Soviet Victory

RA3 USSR logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

If the Soviet Union gains the upper hand, then it's all over for the Empire. The USSR laid waste to the Imperial Palace complex at Mt. Fuji, and felled Emperor Yoshiro as he made his last stand in his Red King Oni among the ruins.


After the Allies besieged Tokyo and defeated the Empire of the Rising Sun in what is now known as the "War of the Three Powers", they installed a puppet government in its place, under the rule of Emperor Tatsu, who has been forced to cooperate with the Allies - the remaining shogunates, Shinzo, Takara and Kenji, were none too happy with the concept of a puppet Empire at all and started to rebel against this new government, gathering their forces to overthrow the Allied control and Tatsu's government of their beloved Land of the Rising Sun. Little do they suspect that Emperor Tatsu had other plans for the Allied and Soviet "barbarians" at Northern Japan. After capturing with Allied assistance all the Imperial commanders, Tatsu betrayed the Allies in an attempt to destroy them, but despite the assistance of a Gigafortress and a stolen Chronosphere he was defeated and captured by the Allies. With Tatsu and the other Imperial commanders captured, the Empire of the Rising Sun no longer exists as superpower, little legacy reminding the world of its power.

Unconfirmed information

RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Imperial campaign of Red Alert 3: Uprising and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

One of the remaining Imperial Commanders still loyal to Yoshiro's legacy, commanded by Emperor Tatsu, was assigned to relieve Kenji Tenzai of his defense post in a bid to fend off Soviet incursions, namely the one taking place at Sakhalin Island. However, the Commander's next assignment was of cultural and moral importance: left to their own devices, the Soviets can pretty much defile the Oki Island tomb of the late Emperor Yoshiro, resulting in a disgraceful blow to Imperial morale for generations to come, so the Commander saw to it to deny such an atrocious action from the Soviet invaders led by Moskvin, effectively sending the Soviet invasion falling to pieces.

The fall of Vladivostok was the finishing touch of Emperor Tatsu's show of independence from his Allied slave-drivers. In spite of facing both Allied and Soviet forces in one theater of combat, with Giles poised to quell Tatsu's uprising, the brilliant Imperial commander made sure none of them were a match for the crown jewel of Imperial military robotics: the Giga Fortress.

Vladivostok's destruction, in the end, proved a symbolic victory, for the Empire of the Rising Sun has risen from its ruins just as the Phoenix rises from its ashes. Now Tatsu and his Commander shall start together their trick to the Allied Occupational Forces on Japan, in order to restore the power they lost on the War of the Three Powers.

Military Doctrine

With enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is a true warrior who can master both.
- Emperor Yoshiro

The Imperial military is a unique blend of Japanese tradition and technology. The Empire maintains its well known discipline and loyalty through the philosophy of bushido and reverence for the ancient warriors known as Samurai. The Imperial order of battle includes high-tech, highly versatile transforming units, more traditional ones and a living weapon - namely a young female commando with psychic powers, Yuriko Omega. The Empire's manpower is naturally not as much as the one of the Soviets and the Allies. However to compensate for this, they developed advanced technologies and mechas, drones and massive robots to fight for them along with their warriors.

Despite believing in honor above all else, the Empire is not above relying on stealth and subterfuge. For example, advanced androids are used to gather intelligence from both the Allies and the Soviets, Shinobis infiltrate enemy bases in the field, and Sudden transports are utilized to ambush the enemy from behind the lines. More recently, female warriors have also been accepted into the ranks of the Imperial Army, despite initial controversies amongst the Emperor's more-conservative subjects.

One of the Empire's greatest technological innovations is the Nanocore, which embodies both the Empire's mastery over nanotechnology and its aggressive, expansionist ideals. It allows the Empire to extend its control far and wide, building structures in distant location from the Construction Yard.
Command and Conquer Red alert 3(Japan Force)00:49

Command and Conquer Red alert 3(Japan Force)

Group of japan army

Under Emperor Yoshiro, Imperial military campaigns usually involve attacking an enemy by surprise with overwhelming force and demoralising the enemy into submission. To this end, the Empire concentrated their military operations against symbolic targets as well as using the media to win hearts and minds. This approach did not always work. One of the Emperor's more outspoken (by Imperial standards) critic is Crown Prince Tatsu, who advocated a simpler approach to war - namely killing all who stand in their way.

Imperial Army

RA3 tsunami tank

The Tsunami tank, the main battle tank of the Empire.

The Empires ground forces is a true rival to the soviets ground forces and better than the Allies ground forces.

Imperial Infantry divisions of Imperial Warriors and tankbusters are the mainline troops of the Empire of the Rising Sun; Imperial Warriors wore traditional armor of the way the samurai use back then, should be need arise they will conduct their banzai sucidal charge, wielding light beam katanas, capable of killing most enemy infantry in one hit and albeit at the cost of their own lives, clear buildings as well. Tankbusters are enemy armor's worst nightmare, using their powerful "Muramasa" plasma cutters and bury abilities to destroy enemy armored columns in a single brilliant ambush, though they are vulnerable to air attacks.

Empire also has clans of Shinobi to call upon when stealth is necessary, but unlike the Allies' Spies, they are more combat oriented and unable to disguise themselves, instead using swords shuriken and skill to quickly dispatch enemy elite units and sabotage structures.

Imperial vehicles, like the Tsunami Tank and the Sudden Transport, are lightly armed and armored, but amphibious. Some vehicles (like Tengus and VX Choppers) are capable of transforming from a vehicle into a robot and back again.

Like most Imperial units, the Wave-Force artillery, is not to be underestimated under any circumstances. It is capable of firing single, powerful shots (which take some time to reload), or quicker, less powerful shots.

The monstrous King Oni can smash smaller tanks to bits, and even rival Apocalypse Tanks and Assault Destroyers in terms of firepower and strength. The newest weapon, the Shogun Executioner, is one of the most deadly robotic units fielded by the Empire.

Imperial Navy


A monster in the water: The Shogun Battleship.

The Imperial Japanese Navy is better than either the Allied navy and the Soviet navy, mainly because of the sophisticated technology used by the Navy. The Imperial Japanese Navy's arsenal Includes the AA Sea Wing, the Shogun Battleship and the Naginata Cruiser. Yari Minisubs are not as tough as the Soviet Akulas, but they are faster and their Kamikaze attacks were proven deadly against capital ships, such as Dreadnoughts. Naginatas rival Akulas and Assault Destroyers with the ability to fire up to five torpedoes, which does severe damage to enemies, but also to allies as well, if executed carelessly.

The crown jewel of the Imperial Navy, the Shogun Battleship, is similar to the old Allied Cruisers in terms of bombardment firepower, only non-hostile vessels dare to stand in front of it - its high-speed ramming ability is the main reason why.

Imperial Japanese Naval Aviation

While Sea-Wings/Sky-Wings and Giga Fortresses are part of the Imperial Japanese Naval Aviation, they are also owned by the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Sea-Wings are anti-aircraft submarines, whom can turn into anti-infantry aircraft in seconds.

The Giga Fortress is made to truly rule the sea and the skies as an all purpose battle fortress.

Imperial Air Force

RA3 Tengu1sm

The versatile Tengu Jet.

The Imperial Japanese Army Air Force is owned by the Imperial Japanese Army. The Air force uses Striker/Chopper VX , the Mecha/Jet Tengu - both which can transform from air to ground units. Rocket Angels are also flown in for support. Despite all this, the skies are not their strong suit and Imperial Aircraft had to be deployed in overwhelming numbers.

  • The Burst Drones fly around and detect enemy Infiltrators, rigged with Self-Destruction devices.
  • The Mecha/Jet Tengu turns into a high speed interceptor (Jet mode) which rivals Apollos and MiGs, though they are inferior to both, unless used in numbers. They are mainly used in numbers or used to attack aircraft that do not have weapons to fight back, namely bombers and helicopters. Has unlimited ammo and earned its reputation as an effective unit at Stalingrad.
  • The Striker/Chopper VX turns into an Assault Chopper which rivals the Soviet Twinblade. Although compared to the Twinblade, it is a good deal weaker but has a faster rate of fire. It also lacks any anti-infantry weapons.
  • Rocket Angels are flying women warriors, although they are more suited against ground armor targets and aircrafts, not infrantry, something the skywings are very good at.

(Although the Imperial Japanese Naval aviation is a different distinct branch, and they are own by the Imperial Japanese Navy.) It is indeed surprising that the Empire of the Rising Sun lacks any kind of Airport and must produce all their aerial units in their other form from Mecha bays (or in the rocket angel's case from the barracks).

Both Imperial Japanese Army Air Force(IJAAF) and Imperial Japanese Naval Aviation(IJNA) are quite unique about their aircrafts, but they are still the most weakest in terms of firepower, nor are they as good as their Allied and Soviet counterparts, and they lack any kinds of heavy bomber aircraft, but this all changed when the Empire of the Rising Sun has finally created their Giga Fortresses in Uprising. In the Giga's Sky Mode, it can create destruction through its "God's Breath" Mode, and it is indeed a nightmare to the enemy.


If there's anything I hate, it's a backstabbing, no-good cheat. I thought the Japanese were supposed to have honor!
- Allied Commander Lissette's response to the sneaky Imperial tactics in Barbarians at the Bay

The military of the Empire of the Rising Sun is bound by Bushido, an ancient military doctrine updated for the modern world. Imperial units use their speed to make hit and run attacks deep into enemy territory where close range compensates for their lack of armour. Should their initial attack fail, true to their code they will conduct suicide attacks rather than suffer the dishonour of surrender,(embodied in the notorious banzai charge) and just maybe aid other friendly units in accomplishing the objective. It was HRH Crown Prince Tatsu who realised that in battle, the right unit at the right time can ensure victory, out of this came the VX family of units and the sea/air wing. Units which can switch from land to air or sea to air vehicles at a moment's notice. Additionally, while not strictly in keeping with the Samurai image, the Empire does maintain stealthier units like the Shinobi and Sudden Transport which are able to carry out covert missions behind enemy lines. It should be noted, however, that Samurai were not the only warriors of Japan in the old days, Ninjas were also a key role, which was likely used as the initiation for their stealth units.

Technology Level

Technologically they are quite advanced
- Cherdenko referring to the technological superiority of the Imperials

The Empire of the Rising Sun had an impressive tally of technological achievements. Its military forces combine cutting edge nanotechnology with traditional Japanese aesthetics. With soldiers wielding both rifles and katanas, men resembling ancient Ashigaru equipped with plasma cannons, and even mysterious ninjas armed with nothing but swords and shurikens fighting alongside towering mechanical walkers and transformable vehicles.

Instead of traditional firearms, artillery shells, and rockets. The Empire makes heavy use of energy weapons, such as the kinetic-burst carbines carried by the Imperial warriors, the Shogun battleship's Shirada Cannons, and the photon rockets used by the Rocket angels.

The Empire's use of nanotechnology allows the rapid construction of field bases through the use of nanocores. These unmanned vehicles can deploy into various structures and base defenses, allowing an Imperial base to grow without being restricted by build radius.

The Empire also has the most advanced robotics technology out of all three world powers, capable of producing robots that are virtually indistinguishable from humans. These robots play a key part in the Empire's espionage operations, as demonstrated when two robots acquired the data of the Allied and Soviet MCVs, allowing the Empire to develop its own version.

Another symbol of the Empire's might are the Floating fortresses, massive mobile naval bases that resemble small islands, armed with powerful Wave-Force cannons and capable of supporting entire fleets.

Psionics is possibly the least understood of the Empire's various technological marvels. What is known is that Yuriko Omega, the Empire's psychic commando, is capable of crushing even the most heavily armored tanks and wiping out large groups of infantry using only her mind. Recently declassified intelligence suggests that Yuriko's abilities were the product of Imperial research into psionics conducted at Shiro Sanitarium. Reports indicate that a detachment of Archer Maidens volunteered to provide extra security for the Shiro facility in exchange for psychic training. However, whether or not the Empire has indeed found a way to train more psychics is unknown.

However, the Empire has found another way to create more psychic soldiers. Through the use of cloning technology, countless clones of Yuriko were created at the Shiro Sanitarium and possibly other secret facilities. These clones were not only used as commandos by Imperial Commanders, but also used to power the ultimate weapon of the Empire: the Psionic Decimator.

Allied intelligence has gathered the following Imperial technological achievements:

Important People

RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Empire of the Rising Sun campaign for Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

Emperor Yoshiro

Do not struggle against what is inevitable!
- Emperor Yoshiro's Ultimatum

The Emperor of the Rising Sun. The longtime ruler of the Empire of the Rising Sun, he is cherished as a living god by his people and the military. Emperor Yoshiro is a traditionalist who strictly follows the code of bushido, the samurai way of the warrior. He fundamentally believes that the Rising Sun's destiny is to rule the entire world, he is Emperor by divine right and that his fate is preordained. He rarely shows emotion and often speaks in a seemingly wise tone.

While the Soviets and Allies were fighting each other, Yoshiro was building up a massive high-tech military force bent on world domination, and demands that both the Allies and Soviets submit to Imperial dominance. In case his Imperial Palace is destroyed, Yoshiro will jump in his own personal King Oni for a last resort.

In the Imperial Campaign he gave Commander *Name Classified* the honorable title of Supreme Shogun.

Suki Toyama

The opportunity is here to destroy the Russian barbarians once and for all!
- Suki before Crumble Kremlin Crumble Begins

An Intelligence Officer of the Imperial military and a childhood friend of Tatsu. She performs the same function as Lt. Eva does for the Allies, and like Eva, develops an attraction to the up and coming Commander. In the end of WWIII in the Imperial perspective, she's last seen in a bikini inviting the Commander, now Supreme Shogun, to join her a vacation in the tropics.

Toyoma High Command was named after her family, who have been serving the Emperor for generations.

Crown Prince Tatsu

I want their hearts and souls, commander. But I also want Krukov's head on a stick!
- Prince Tatsu on the preparations for the Battle of Odessa

Emperor Yoshiro's son and heir. He is a major figure in the Imperial armed forces and directs many of the missions against the Empire's enemies. He wants to lead Japan with a more modern outlook, while maintaining his father's traditional way of thinking.

In the Imperial perspective of the War, he is revealed to be responsible for certain Imperial technologies such as the Shogun Executioner and the Howard T. Ackerman android. He takes command after Yoshiro's resignation and orders the commander to swiftly defeat the Soviets and Allies, earning his father's respect. Tatsu is later able to cheer up his father with the prospect that the Empire is creating their own destiny.

As the Crown Prince he fielded his own naval fleet and will take command of it whenever the situation arises. For instance he commissioned his navy to destroy the Allied invaders at Tokyo Harbour but was soon sunk by the Allied navy, ensuring Allied naval supremacy during the battle.

Tatsu served as the puppet leader during the Allied occupation of Japan and was deeply resentful of this. Under the guise of cooperating with the Allies, he aided the Allied effort to quell the uprisings of the rebel Shogunate leaders before betraying the Allies and attempting to rid the Empire of the foreign barbarians.

Commando Yuriko Omega

They won't bother us anymore.
- Yuriko, ordered to destroy

See "Yuriko" Datafile for information.

Yuriko Clone

See "Yuriko" Datafile again for the second Yuriko.

Kenji Tenzai

With me at your side you'll sure have the advantage.
- Kenji

A shogunate leader. Young, arrogant and full of life, this man is a nationalist and loyal servant of the Empire. He has great confidence and trust in the Emperor and his sacred will. He was the one that helped mastermind the Imperial Invasion of Russia, and it's his goal to train the next generation of Commanders to carry out the Emperor's will. Kenji is at his best on the battlefield, and his knowledge of Imperial technology is unmatched. Thus, he is known for using vehicles over infantry in battle.

Tenzai Robotics, as reported by Allied forces in their drive for Tokyo, was named after this nationalistic and hyperactive shogunate.

Shinzo Nagama

I die with honor you will not!
- Shinzo

A calculating shogunate who is referred to as the "Emperor's Shadow". He assists the Imperial Shogun Commander in a battle against General Krukov and Allied Commander Hanley. His ambitions for the Empire are great and sees the Imperial Commander as his protégé as the Imperial campaign ends.

Nagama Dojos, as reported by Allied forces during the Tokyo siege, was named after the Emperor's Shadow and his calculating personality.

Naomi Shirada

I don't think your are big enough for this fight! You better turn around while you still can!
- Naomi

Born on a Shogun Battleship, Naomi is a shogunate with a cold soul and ruthless battle strategies to match it. Bearing strong hatreds for the Soviet "barbarians", she will stop at nothing to bring glory and honor to the Empire.

Shirada Docks and the Shogun Battleship's 6 "Shirada" main guns were named after her as a reflection of her naval superiority tactics.

Commander *Name Classified*

In the Imperial Campaign, he managed to aid the Empire in defeating both the Allies and the Soviets, almost single-handedly turned the tide of the war. After the Empire's victory, he became the Imperial Supreme Shogun.

List of Zaibatsu and Military Contractors

Here are a list of Companies directly responsible for constructing the Empire's arsenal:

  • Gomusubi Heavy Industries

Behind the scenes

  • The Empire of the Rising Sun is, obviously, based on Japanese popular culture and historical periods. The Japanese units and buildings are largely inspired by anime, manga, feudal Japan and the Pacific War.
  • The Empire's futuristic technological level alludes to Japanese post-war economic boom and the numerous high-tech products manufactured by the advanced Japanese industry.
  • The Empire's defense contractors and armament manufacturers are influenced by the concept of zaibatsu, a Japanese term referring to business conglomerates with strong political, economical and military connections in the Imperial Japan.
  • Emperor Yoshiro is worshipped by Japanese people as a divine being (arahitogami), mirroring a primeval Japanese mythical tale of the Emperors of Japan being descendants of the sun goddess Amaterasu.
  • The Empire's militaristic ideology and nationalist policies, like the belief of the "divine destiny" to rule all mankind, are inspired by the nationalistic slogan Hakkō ichiu, which was interpreted that the Japanese were a "divine" race destined to unite the world and adopt expansionist policies to establish dominion over the continental Asia. In the 1930s, the slogan culminated in the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, a Japanese concept to establish a bloc of Asian nations led by the Empire of Japan, which is alluded in the game by the Empire's attempts to establish a global hegemony.
  • According to the designers, the Soviet nuclear weapons were removed (via the removal of Einstein) because they felt it would be highly inappropriate to have a video game that featured the use of nuclear arms against the Japanese, given Japan's status as the only nation to ever suffer a nuclear attack in history.
RedAlert3RisingSun avatar Imperial Red Alert 3 Arsenal RedAlert3RisingSun avatar
Factions of the Command & Conquer Universes

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