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RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Yuri's Revenge and contradicts canon sources.
We have uncovered Yuri's secret Submarine Base on an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. The threat of Yuri's Boomer Subs must be neutralized!
- Mission Briefing
Operation: Escape Velocity
YR Soviet M05 Start
Soviet naval task force

Romanov on the Run


To the Moon

Part of

Psychic Dominator Disaster




Yuri's Island HQ somewhere in the South Pacific


Soviet victory

  • Yuri forces escape to the Moon
  • Boomer Submarines and Submarine Pen destroyed

World Socialist Alliance

Yuri's Army


Destroy South Pacific HQ

Destroy Soviet naval and army complex
At least one Boomer Submarine must get away


Alexander Romanov
Soviet Commander (GWWIII)


  • Almost full Soviet army arsenal
  • Almost full Soviet navy arsenal
  • Siege Chopper
  • Almost full Yuri arsenal
  • Boomer Submarines


Very heavy

Escape Velocity is the fifth Soviet mission of Yuri's Revenge. Premier Romanov sends the Commander to head for Yuri's secret island in stopping the traitor Yuri from using Boomer Submarines in attacking the world's major cities, Soviet or Allied.


The Soviet Commander was commemorated in Moscow as a rescuer for finding Alexander Romanov, who was shot down in Morocco by the psychic traitor's gatling guns while the Soviet Premier was in his plane. Romanov and Lt. Zofia said to the veteran that Yuri was building Boomer Sub's to attack major cities. This secret island consists Boomer Submarine attackers, hidden inside a structure called the Submarine Pen and have more firepower than the Soviet Typhoon Attack Sub.

The Soviet veteran builds a military base on the island. Also from Romanov and Lt. Zofia, the new Siege Chopper is introduced and the Soviets attack. After destroying the subs, Yuri sends forces to the Moon and the Soviets followed. Although most of Yuri's forces escaped, the threat of the subs was gone.


Cutting power to Yuri's base would be a difficult objective to achieve, since all of the Bio Reactors are garrisoned, giving Yuri's base nearly 12000 power to operate.

There are 3 landing sites to build a base:

-one near 2 Oil Derricks,but near Yuri's base.

-one near a gem mine.

-farthest and resources-restricted but safest.

You must use your Siege Chopper to defend your base,their mobile artillery will make short work of the traitors. If you build enough Typhoon Attack Subs, it is time the hunter get hunted. If you capture a Tech Battle Lab near Yuri's base, you will be accessed to build some technologies (notably, Desolator).

There's a neat trick to handle the Boomer's fleet, one at a time. Separate the squids and typhoon from your initial force on their own "task force". Use the squid to scout ahead on the position where boomers is suspected. When discovered the boomer will locked on the squib. When this is happen quickly order the squid to maneouver around the boomer to avoid the torpedo salvo. While so also order the typhoon fleet to fire the torpedo barrage to the boomer. Use the squid to lure the boomer from targeting the typhoon. Be advised as the intel sometimes innacurate two boomer can sometimes discovered. DO NOT order the squid to directly attack the boomer.

If you manage to takeover the nearby Yuri's base (on a hill south of your base if you choose the safest emplacement) there are an unorthodox option to take over Yuri's prism head on the top of a nearby hill near the center of the island. Continuously build the tesla reactor until there are enough space to build a barrack next to the Yuri's prism. Expect injuries and build diversions as Yuri prism will keep on shooting. Build a sentry gun and some attack dogs near the barrack to keep off intruder then train an engineer on the new barrack to take over Yuri's prism (yes, it can be taken). Complete domination of the hill requires you to take over the nearby construction yard and another Yuri prism. train three engineer and group of attack dog. Take over the the Yard and quickly build pillboxes around it. Deploy attack dog before the engineer so that the prism is conveniently distracted, allowing safe takeover.

Sometimes after Yuri's subpen is destroyed Yuri will decided to spend it all on mass rushes. Infantry and Yuri's vehicles can safely written off by siege choppers and bunker emplacements but the slave miner takes time due to their heavy armor. The dangerous part on this tactic is boomer's rush that will automatically aim at you, navy first. Flak force is unrecommended due to the mass launch of boomer's SLBM. Maneouver your remaining navy with haste as speed is the only thing boomer lack.



In physics, escape velocity is the speed at which the kinetic energy plus the gravitational potential energy of an object is zero. It is the speed needed to "break free" from the gravitational attraction of a massive body, without further propulsion.

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