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25px-Disambig For the playable faction in Generals 2, see European Union (Generals).
European Union
Flag of the European Union

Council for multiple European nations


Rupert Thornley (1980s)

Head of Government



Gunther Von Esling (1950s)
Robert Bingham (1980s)




Allied Units and Structures Summary

Official language

English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Danish, Belgian, Spanish and Portguese

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The European Union is a political-economic union of multiple member states that are located primarily in Europe.


The Second World War had the European Union was concerned as the USSR drew its attention to invade much of the European continent, but the Allied forces pushed them back and were victorious in Moscow. This lead into the WWII's post-war. The council of Europeans returned their formation at the beginning of the Post-war Crisis after the determination on the Allies in making a European Council during Great World War III and the Psychic Dominator Crisis.

After Anatoly Cherdenko altered history by traveling to the past and assassinating Albert Einstein, most European countries, including Italy and France, fell to the Soviet military. However, the Allied military, under a young Allied Commander, eventually pushed the Soviet aggressors out of Western Europe.

After the end of the War of the Three Powers, Rupert Thornley, President of the European Union, with assistance from a third-party defense contractor known as FutureTech, planned on destroying the Soviet Union once and for all. However, his plans were thwarted by the Soviet Underground, led by Dasha Fedorovich and a Soviet Commander.

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