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Athena Massey

Lieutenant Eva Lee was the top graduate of her class at West Point. She was the Allied intelligence officer under General Carville during the Third World War. Her main job was to brief and assist the Allied Commander.


Third World War

RA2 Eva

Eva Lee during the war

She was involved in various Allied defensive actions (the recapture of the cities of New York and Chicago) in the U.S. while the Soviet invasion was at its peak. After the Americans stabilized the situation within their borders, Lt. Eva and her commander were assigned a mission in Europe to enable America's European Allies to provide aid to the ravaged American forces. The operation consisted of the covert destruction of Soviet nuclear silos which were essentially holding Europe hostage. Afterward, she returned to the U.S. to assist the Commander with the recapture of Washington D.C., defense of Pearl Harbor, and liberation of St. Louis. Later missions included overseas operations to eliminate Soviet efforts to replicate Prism technology and to protect the prominent German scientist Dr. Albert Einstein and his Chronosphere. Her involvement continued after Carville's death and the Commander's promotion to Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces with the mission to construct and defend a Chronosphere in the Florida Keys. During the final assault on the Kremlin she coordinated the deployment of Allied forces through the Chronosphere along with her normal duties.

Psychic Dominator Disaster

During the Psychic Dominator Disaster she assisted the same commander with whom she had served in the Third World War . She once again served with distinction, successfully coordinating operations all across the globe and even going so far as to put up a remarkable amount of resistance to Yuri's mind probe when he attempted to find the location of the Allied-Soviet Alliance Summit.

After the defeat of Yuri and the safe merging of the timelines that allowed the defeat of both Yuri and the Soviet Union to exist in the new timeline, the President organized a celebratory dinner where Lt. Eva expressed a romantic interest to the Allied Commander wearing a white party dress, though Agent Tanya recalled that such an event never occurred in the previous timeline and she was naturally surprised by the appearance of Eva in her dress.

She may have been a descendant of other great military leaders such as Generals Robert E. Lee and Henry Lee III.

War of the Three Powers

In Red Alert 3, she may have been removed by the Soviets' time travel. She is replaced by Lieutenant Eva Mckenna.

Selected quotes

Commander, good morning. We've successfully instituted the president's emergency Lazarus Protocol. I'm Lieutenant Eva; The intel officer assigned to your command. And since you're the only commander left alive, I guess I'm pretty lucky to have a job.
- Eva to Allied Commander at the beginning of the first Allied mission (Red Alert 2)
We're all sorry for General Carville commander. The Soviets are using their Crazy Ivans everywhere. Carville said that you will be the one that will lead us to victory. Well, it seems you're proving him right.
- Eva to Allied Commander in the intro to Operation: Mirage (Red Alert 2)
He's surfaced Mr. President. I'm sure all of you recognize this man. We only know him as Yuri, the fugitive adviser to Soviet Premier Romanov. While we were busy fighting the Soviets, Yuri has used his mind control technology to establish a secret army of his own. A group of Yuri's initiates have seized Alcatraz Island here in San Francisco. They have constructed some sort of a device there.
- Eva in Yuri's Revenge intro
It looks like Yuri's got the studio filming another dinosaur movie. He's not very creative, is he?
- Eva to Allied Commander in Operation: Hollywood and Vain (Yuri's Revenge )
And I thought the Brute was bad! Yuri calls this thing a Mastermind. It's basically a big brain on wheels that mind controls everything that gets near it. Don't get near it.
- Eva warning the Allied Commander about Yuri's Mastermind (Yuri's Revenge)

Behind the scenes

Lieutenant Eva Lee is played by Athena Massey, who also portrayed Brink in Tiberian Sun.

EVA was the name of the computer voice from the original Command and Conquer. It stood for Electronic Video Agent.


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