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Поранешна Југословенска Република Македонија
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Flag of Macedonia

Brotherhood of Nod






Second Tiberium War

Current status


The Republic of Macedonia is a country in Southeastern Europe that is landlocked by Albania to the west, Greece to the south, Bulgaria to the east and Serbia up in the north.

It often referred as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to avoid confusion with the neighbouring Macedonia region in Greece.

Tiberium Universe

Second Tiberium War

Part of the Nod domains in Europe during the First Tiberium War, Macedonia was eventually occupied by the GDI and became part of the GDI military zone centered on Greece after the war's conclusion.

Within this zone was a GDI position containing an important radar system near this country, over the border in the Greek Macedonia region.

Slavik's forces moved quietly towards the this position and established a base in the area. After building up his forces, Slavik moved them to engage GDI and fought against the GDI commander as he sent some land forces to stop him.

But the GDI forces were eventually repelled and Nod destroyed the radar system within the base. Afterwards Macedonia was taken under Nod control as the mission's completion was swiftly followed by the conquest of the whole military zone by Nod forces.

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