25px-Disambig For the Allies' fake buildings in Red Alert 1, see Fake Buildings (Red Alert).
ZH Gameicon
ZH Gameicon
Fake building
  • Fake Supply Stash
  • Fake Command Center
  • Fake Black Market
  • Fake Barracks
  • Fake Arms Dealer



Diversionary facility



Hit points
  • 1250 (Command Center)
  • 125 (Barrack, Black Market)
  • 250 (Supply Stash)
  • 500 (Arms Dealer)
Armour type
  • Structure Armor (Barracks, Supply Stash, Arms Dealer)
  • Structure Armor Tough (Command Center)
  • $500 (Command Center)
  • $125 (Barrack, Arms Dealer)
  • $375 (Supply Stash)
  • $625 (Arms Dealer, Black Market)
Build time
  • 0:30 (Command Center)
  • 0:05 (Barrack, Supply Stash, Arms Dealer, Black Market)
Produced by


Sight range
  • 300 (Command Center)
  • 200 (Barrack, Supply Stash)

Not required

ZH Fake Supply Stash Icons
ZH Fake Command Center Icons
ZH Fake Black Market Icons
ZH Fake Barracks Icons
ZH Fake Arms Dealer Icons

Fake building was one of GLA defensive structures. As the GLA became more dependent on fixed bases and had to stave off often desperate Chinese and US onslaughts, their leaders developed a series of convincing decoy structures to fool their enemies. Workers were trained to build these fake structures, which could either be remotely detonated or, for a fee, upgraded to the real version of that particular structure at any time, changing the battefield, making the enemies even more desperate.

Available Fake Buildings

Fake buildings could only be built if the real one also could be built, so the Fake Black Market could only be built if there was a Palace.


ZH Become Real Icons
Become Real Upgraded to the real version
ZH Detonate Icons
Detonate Detonate, damage nearby enemy unit


These fake buildings were of even more use to Prince Kassad, who could stealth his real buildings making the fake buildings appear to be the only ones present to his foes.


Fake buildings are a lot weaker than their real counterparts, seeing the damage done to a building is enough to determine if it is a fake. Also, when stealth-detection is applied, a yellow square appears around the fake building.


  • The fake buildings of Prince Kassad were supposed to be able to get Camo Netting, just like their real counterparts. However, it's not actually possible to buy this upgrade for the fake buildings, because the developers did not add the upgrade button.
  • Selection pictures suggest that a Fake Stinger Site, a Fake Tunnel Network and a Fake Scud Storm were also planned. However, they don't appear in the game, because they wouldn't make particularly good fake buildings. The Scud Storm has a public timer and an EVA announcement so a fake Scud Storm would be easily distinguishable. The fake Stinger Site and fake Tunnel Network have the problem that they wouldn't shoot (seeing as they're fake), which makes them extremely obvious fake buildings.


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ZH Gameicon
ZH Gameicon

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