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Vervack Commando Elite
CNCR Falcon automatic pistol
Vital statistics
Type Sidearm
Damage 10
Range Small
Mag. size 12
Rate of fire {{{rof}}}
Reload time {{{rel}}}
MP Faction Both

The Vervack Commando Elite Falcon Pistol[1] is the basic sidearm of all factions in Renegade.


Typically chambered for 9mm ammunition, the pistol comes with a standard 12-round magazine and integrated sound suppressor. It is a popular sidearm for special operations units, such as the GDI commando team Dead 6, and was by and large the standard-issue handgun of the Black Hand. Most regular units are also equipped with this firearm.


While it has decent stopping power (especially when used for headshots), it's more of a last resort in combat. However, a person skilled with the pistol should not be underestimated.

It has an unlimited ammo supply, however, the magazine still needs to be reloaded every 12 shots.


  1. Renegade editor, IDS_MTUDSGN_DSGN0156I1GSRS_TXT: The first weapon is the Vervack Commando Elite 'Falcon' Automatic Pistol..
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