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Suicide attackers


Tiberium-based explosives



Hit points

150 per squad member

Armour type

Light (25% Cannon, 25% Rocket, 75% Grenade, 200% Gun, 100% Sniper)



Build time


Produced by

Hand of Nod


Operations Center



Squad size


Ground attack

800 per squad member (Cannon), does 1000 (Cannon) if crushed



Attack range



CNCTW Tiberium Infusion Cameo Tiberium infusion


CNCTW Nod Call for Transport Cameo Call for transport

We will be remembered!
- Fanatics, willing to die for the cause
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TW Fanatics Symbol

Fanatics are the Brotherhood's suicide bombers appearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


Members of the Brotherhood that are most devoted to its cause are called fanatics and with good reason - they are willing to sacrifice their lives to allow Nod's mission to succeed. Just before heading off on their mission, they perform their last rituals in the Hand of Nod. In forward battlefield bases, an Operations Center is required for the training of Fanatics, who come in squads of five.

Fanatics have Tiberium-based explosive charges strapped to their chests. Upon reaching their targets, they detonate them, obliterating themselves and causing heavy damage to the target as well as splash damage to everything within the area, but causing zero damage to the remaining squad members. However, if they are killed before they make contact with their target, they die harmlessly. There is one caveat though: if they are killed with flame weapons or explosives, their packs will detonate.

It should be noted that such is their irrepressible and unconditional desire to lay down their own lives in honor of Kane, that Fanatics show absolutely no fear in the face of enemy fire, no matter how intense it might be. Because of this, they cannot be suppressed. For such unyielding bravery and zeal to their cause and the cause of Nod, as well as for many other reasons, fanatics were praised by Nod writers, particularly Confessor Marcion.


CNCTW Nod Call for Transport Cameo
Call for transport If an Air Tower is deployed, Fanatics can call in a Carryall for pickup for a small fee of $200. This ability has a 2 minute cooldown. (Ctrl+A)


CNCTW Tiberium Infusion Cameo
Tiberium infusion Tiberium Infusion improves the armor of Fanatics, changing their armor values to 25% Cannon, 25% Rocket, 75% Grenade, 100% Gun, 100% Sniper, while also conferring immunity to Tiberium, a 10% health increase, and a 25% speed increase. (Ctrl+S). This upgrade costs $1000 and takes 0:30 to research.

Game unit

Fanatics are expendable infantry that fill a unique battlefield role. They are not strictly anti-infantry, anti-vehicle, or elite troops. When a fanatic reaches their target they detonate, dealing a lot of damage to an individual vehicle or effective area damage against squads of infantry. If they are killed before reaching their targets, they simply die and do not detonate. They won't get blown up by their own squad members exploding, etiher.

Fanatics are effective against any unit that lacks strong anti-infantry firepower. They run very quickly - being some of the fastest infantry units in the game, and are completely immune to suppression. While at 700 credits they are fairly expensive - considering they deal damage through suicide, they can easily recoup their cost in many situations. For example, a squad of fanatics can take out a squad of Zone Troopers, or several light vehicles in a matter of seconds. They're also handy for creating windows of opportunity or exploiting brief gaps in an opponent's defenses. They can rush turrets and overwhelm them, and take out buildings in an opponent's base quickly. They can also chase down high-cost enemy units like Annihilator Tripods that are badly damaged before they can get back to base for repairs.

There are two simple ways to deal with fanatics: Lots of anti-infantry firepower or ground attack aircraft. They are very vulnerable to anti-infantry infantry. Anti-infantry vehicles can damage them effectively but can be overwhelmed in certain situations. Anti-infantry turrets are extremely effective against them. They can't do anything to fight back against an aircraft while it's flying. Fanatics are bad at doing damage to tanks relative to their cost, due to the heavy armor tanks have (tanks are bad at damaging fanatics, too - so they shouldn't be considered a counter). Scrin vehicles combined with Buzzers can be less vulnerable to them.

Typical ways to enhance fanatics are to use them in groups - attacking with many at once means more of them will get to detonation range. Tiberium Infusion is a very good upgrade as it not only makes them immune to Tiberium radiation but also makes them harder to kill.



  • Extreme movement speed.
  • Immune to suppression.
  • Damage dealt is significant to both vehicles and buildings.
  • Tiberium Infusion bestows even faster movement and higher durability.
  • Detonates for even greater damage when "crushed".
  • Nightmare for units that have minimal anti-infantry capabilities such as tanks, T3 vehicles and epic units unless supported by anti-infantry units.
  • Can destroy even the most well-built structures quickly if left unchecked.
  • Fanatics can devastate contacted infantry squads.
  • Does splash damage.


  • Expensive for a one-off suicide unit.
  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry units.
  • Vulnerable to aircraft.
  • Not cost effective when used against infantries.



  • Our lives for Kane!


  • What purpose?
  • Honour in death!
  • Warriors of Nod!
  • Fear no enemy!
  • Be clear of mind!
  • Hear the words of Kane!
  • We will be remembered!


  • As it has been written!
  • It is Kane's will!
  • The Brotherhood has spoken!
  • The great plan unfolds!
  • Our purpose will be revealed!
  • His will moves with us!

Garrisoning Structure

  • We will await in there!
  • It will serve our needs!
  • It has Kane's blessing!
  • Kane has opened these doors!


  • We are called!
  • Our time is at hand!
  • It is time!
  • Kane requires it!
  • For the Brotherhood!
  • Kane lives!
  • We must not fail!
  • This is our test!
  • Now!
  • We will not be forgotten!
  • See their weakness!


  • It's not our time yet!
  • Kane calls us back!
  • We're not ready!

When suppressed

  • Kane!
  • Protect us!
  • They test our faith!
  • Cover yourselves!


  • In the censored German versions of Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath, the fanatics are not a suicide unit but drop an explosive package and vanish. This was made only in the release rated for ages 16+ by the USK, but not in the 18+ releases (such as the Tiberium Wars Kane Edition). This does not affect the gameplay, however.[1]



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