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Final Squadron Sunburst Fighter Drone
RA3 Sunburst Fighter Drone

Empire of the Rising Sun


Top Secret Protocol

Armour type



1 security point

  • Level 1: Five drones kamikaze into a targeted area.
  • Level 2: Ten drones kamikaze into a targeted area.
  • Level 3: Fifteen drones kamikaze into a targeted area.

Prior to and during War of the Three Powers, the Empire of the Rising Sun manufactured vast numbers of Sunburst fighter drones. These were used in the Empire's Final Squadrons, as disposable kamikaze ground attack planes - to the shock of the Soviet defenders of Vorkuta where they were first deployed. These hard to shoot down drones will strafe any units and structures along the way before crashing into the target location. Final Squadron is best combined with the Honourable Discharge upgrade, which vastly increases the damage done. A Final Squadron Omega strike combined with Honourable Discharge will destroy a Construction Yard or a Superweapon. In order to get Final Squadron, Fortified Fleet Upgrade and Point Defense Drones must first be authorised.


Final Squadron is available in 3 levels, each level substantially increasing the countdown timer and damage done. The 3 levels are:

  • Final Squadron: Calls in 5 Sunburst Fighter Drones to crash into the target location. Causes light to moderate damage.
  • Final Squadron X: Calls in 10 Sunburst Fighter Drones to crash into the target location. Causes moderate to heavy damage.
  • Final Squadron Omega: Calls in 15 Sunburst Fighter Drones to crash into the target location. Causes heavy to very heavy damage.


However, Final Squadron is one of very powerful yet still be encountered Top Secret Protocols which commanders need to use it wisely. As Sunburst Drones is very hard to shoot down, they still be fragile when against a group of burst AA defenses. (Missiles from VXs or AA Cryobeams from Cryolegionaire IFVs is useless.) To counter which deals very few casualties, commanders need a large group of Bullfrogs , Jet Tengus , Hydrofoils or Apollo Fighters to take them down very quickly. Shot down Sunburst Drone will crash and Honourable Discharge will not trigger.

If better to use the least funds, using 3-4 heroic Hydrofoils will completely repel up to Final Squadron X unless commander uses against them.


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