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First Battle of Cairo

Capture TV Station
Free the Rebel Commander


Eviction Notice

Part of

Second Tiberium War






Defeat of Hassan
Reunification of Nod
Kane's return


Nod Black Hand (Slavik)

Nod (Hassan)


Destroy all of Hassan's forces and remove the usurper

Eradicate Slavik's forces


Anton Slavik
Oxanna Kristos



Multiple infantry, Raider Buggies, Tick Tanks, two Subterranean APCs

Two bases defended by mutiple infantry, Raider Buggies and Tick Tanks




The First Battle for Cairo was a civil / power struggle battle between the Black Hand led by Anton Slavik and the largest Nod faction controlled by General Hassan. The battle ended with Hassan's defeat and the reunification of the Brotherhood.


Having escaped execution from Hassan and capturing a TV station, Slavik now had enough forces to launch an assault on Hassan's pyramid in Cairo.

The Battle

Nod forces were deployed to the southern area of the battle map. After eliminating Hassan's initial guards they moved forward across the bridge and established a foothold by capturing part of the Hassan's bridge outpost. Hassan was quick to notice Slavik's arrival, however and automatically began retaliating, even with his limited technology he sent wave after wave of loyal forces to destroy Slavik's men.

However Slavik's forces possessed two subterranean APCs and access to a bridge that led them right into the middle of Hassan's base. Exploting this vulnerability, Slavik's forces attacked and in one wave was successful in ambushing Hassan's forces. Ater destroying his pyramid Hassan attempted an escape in a Harpy. However Hassan was shot down and captured before he could flee the area by an ambush rocket troop squad.


The defeat of the largest faction within the Brotherhood resulted in Slavik reuniting the whole of Nod factions into one organisation. As Hassan was about to be publicy executed, Kane appeared on screen, much to the surprise and delight of all the Nod followers. Kane named Slavik his right-hand man and immediately commissioned him and Oxanna to recover a mysterious object at the old Temple of Nod in Sarajevo.

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