First Iraq War

Collapse of the Soviet Union

Part of

Gulf War


August 2nd, 1990 to February 28th, 1991


Iraq, Kuwait, Israel and Saudi Arabia.


Coalition victory
Iraq withdraws from Kuwait
Emir Jaber III restored
Heavy casualities and destruction of Iraqi/Kuwaiti infrastructure


Coalition forces



Battle the Iraqi forces in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and Israel

Destroy all coalition forces


Malcolm Granger
Various Commanders
Various leaders

Saddam Hussein
Various Iraqi Commanders


956,600 (supported by thirty-one countries, including Kuwait and Saudi Arabia)

650,000 Iraqis

  • 482 killed and 1,234 wounded
  • Kuwait has 1,200 soldiers killed
  • 1,365 civilians killed and wounded
  • 20,000 - 35,000 killed
  • 75,000 or more wounded
  • 3,664 civilians killed
The First Iraq War or known as the Gulf War was a major conflict held in August 1990 to February 1991 for at least six months and half a year. It was between Iraqi forces under Saddam Hussein and coalition forces under Malcolm Granger. While he moved up the ranks, Granger earned a reputation from American Commanders representing the coalition for advancing the role of fighting aircraft in the entire military of America.

On August the 2nd 1990, Iraq invades Kuwait which causes the start of a First Iraq War and also some reactions from leaders of several countries forming the coalition. As the world soon knows about it, they sent troops and military technology down to fight in the Middle East.

By 1991, the war was nearly ending. Casualities rose and by February the 28th, it soon ended. With Iraqi soldiers withdrawing from Kuwait and infrastructure destructing to a mess, the coalition soon won.


  • Lt. Malcolm Granger was noticed by his superiors after knocking out four enemy SAM sites in a single afternoon.

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