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Flak Trooper



Anti Tank, Anti Structure and Anti Air


Vorona Steelshot flak cannon
Magnetic Mines





Tech level


Hit points


Armour type






Build time


Produced by




Ground attack


Air attack

Very High




Magnetic Mines (Toggle)

So this is what they call community service.
- Flak Trooper
RA3 Flak Trooper Icons

The Flak Trooper makes a return appearance Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 as an anti-air and anti-armour unit.


Pros Cons
  • Best against Tanks and Jets
  • Powerful in numbers
  • May switch to Mines which devastates Tanks
  • Very effective in garrisoned structures
  • Mines inflict more damage than both Javelin's missiles and Tankbuster's plasma shots.
  • If an enemy vehicle crushes Flak Trooper in mines mode mines will detonate damaging the vehicle.
  • Weak against Infantry, Dogs and rouge Bears
  • Mines only attack vehicles and structures
  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry units such as Mecha Tengu or Riptide ACV
  • Flak Cannon is weak against heavy armor and structures
  • Mines are melee weapons and require the Flak Trooper to close the distance to the target, at the risk of getting shot or crushed.
Beats being in the gulag...
- Flak trooper

Unlike their GWIII counterparts, this generation of Flak troopers are convicts, forced to carry out the remainder of their sentence as a heavily armed flak-cannon operator instead of rotting in a gulag (Soviet forced labor camp). Furthermore, their portable flak cannons can turn vehicles and tanks into scrap metal in a few seconds. They wear heavy duty steel body armour and chains. They are also strapped with satchels of explosives, which they can use against enemy armour (or as a suicide weapon, if they are crushed by a tank).

Despite being a prisoner, or probably because of it, the Flak Trooper is allowed to speak freely in various ways, such as contradicting and complaining about how "awful" the gulag was. Also, Flak Troopers themselves may actually be Polish, Slovakian or Yugoslav POWs captured by Soviet troops during the Soviet advance into Germany and such made the Geneva Convention useless if the latter was true (as the Soviets did not sign the convention). A different variant is that the real gulag had almost no ideological control, with freedom of speech limited only by fellow inmates. And who in his mind would listen to a convicted "enemy of the people", anyway?


RA3 Magnetic Mine Icons
Magnetic Mine Switches to vehicle mines, that can be placed on vehicles and buildings. When in this mode, if the Flak Trooper is run over, these mines will detonate, damaging the vehicle.


Let's see how this thing works…
- Flak trooper, attacking

They are especially formidable when garrisoned in buildings. They are cheap, moderately effective anti-tank units and very effective anti-air units, easily equal to the Javelin soldier and superior to the Tankbuster in terms of versatility. However, they are still very vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons and can be crushed by tanks. Even so, they are an essential complement to any infantry attack force.



  • You're gonna make me carry this?!
  • I have to carry this around!
  • Flak trooper doing my time!


  • Flak trooper!
  • Yep!
  • Where's that food you promised?
  • What's it gonna be?
  • Someones gonna pay!
  • Just wait till I get these chains off!
  • Who wants a piece of this?
  • I'm innocent, I swear!
  • Beats being in the gulag...
  • So this what they call community service'?!

Active Magnetic Mine

  • Mines ready!
  • Mines!

Deactive Magnetic Mine

  • Flak ready!
  • Alright, flak cannon!


  • Okay, but then I rest!
  • I'm going!
  • Whatever!
  • Alright!
  • If you say so!
  • Ye! Ye!
  • What do I get?

Garrisoning Structure

  • Get in there!
  • Whats in there?
  • They serve food?
  • Just don't lock the door!

Attacking land

  • Flak 'em!
  • Kill!
  • Punish them!
  • Is he next?
  • Here's your share!
  • There see what is like!

Attacking air

  • They staring us down!
  • You ain't hiding from nobody!
  • Hit that!
  • A little butterfly!
  • Nah! Hatai!

Attacking with Magnetic Mine

  • Hold this for me!
  • Stash it!
  • Kaboom!
  • Hehehe!
  • Let 'em have it!
  • Hehehe....!

Move to Attack

  • Let's see how this thing works...
  • What have I got to lose!?
  • They have it coming!
  • Let's get this over with!
  • Time for their medicine!

In combat

  • That's right sucker!
  • And there's more coming!
  • Ah, don't cry now!
  • Come on, punk!
  • Can I go free now?
  • So this is war!

Under fire

  • I've seen worse!
  • They don't scare me!
  • They won't take me alive!
  • You think that hurts?
  • Ahh! That hurts!
  • No, to curse you!


  • When switched to Magnetic Mine and are not selected, Flak Troopers toss the mines like toys, even accidentally drop them to ground, if that occurs, they're seen frightened and expect the mines will explode, thus take evasive actions.
  • Following the legacy of their Red Alert 2 counterparts, the Flak troopers make it abundantly clear that they still hate their job.
  • The Hammer and Sickle seen in the Flak Trooper's flak cannon in the cameo cannot be seen in their ingame model.

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