Flash-bang grenades
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USA Barracks

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Alternative anti-infantry weapon for Ranger

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Gen GameiconZH Gameicon
Flash Bangs are ready!
- Rangers receiving Flash-Bang Grenades

Flash-bang grenades were an upgrade developed at the USA Barracks for rangers.

Once purchased, it allows rangers to switch from using a rifle, to using flash-bang grenades. They are highly effective against groups of infantry, and a single grenade can clear out a garrisoned building. They do not do any damage against vehicle or structures. As a standoff weapon, it reach further but slower and somewhat indirect.

In real life flash-bang grenade is a grenade that emit high intensity light to temporary blind and disorient the enemy. Its main use is for assaulting fortified structure as it can blind defender. To flush out infantry out of garrison, a combination with CS grenade or WP is much more regarded. Grenade launcher version is available.

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