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Empire of the Rising Sun


Mobile naval base


The floating fortress is a massive mobile naval platform used by the Empire of the Rising Sun. They were seen in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising as the bonus unit for the Imperial armed forces in Europe and the Pacific.


The Empire of the Rising Sun knows a thing or two about some shocking values. Emperor Yoshiro's ultimatums are no empty threats and these massive, iconic Floating Fortresses prove it, utilized to transport and support armies in the field. Where there were Floating Fortresses, fear, panic and dread was sure to follow.

These goliaths enable the Empire to field very large amount of war machines, without any supply lines from home. Their combat role resembles that of a modern day Supercarrier which can serve as a stand alone force. The fortresses have many units assigned to it which support each other and cover their weaknesses. The fortresses have their own power supply, self repair mechanism, processing facility, propulsion system, and amenities to sustain their crew (including entertainment). The structure itself is designed to operate well, even under adverse weather or heavy assault.

Naval assaults are deterred by batteries of Wave-Force Triguns. These are augmented by the training and production structures located on the platform itself. The immense size of the fortresses renders them nearly indestructible by conventional means, making any and all attacks, aerial, naval and ground, on a floating fortress suicidal. However, this can be achieved by overloading their power reactors. The fact that the power reactors are exposed is a proof of the Empire's arrogance, as they never expected the enemy to be able to reach them. Additionally, under closer observation it is revealed that the fortresses have very few lifeboats hanging on the sides compared to the massive crew manning the fortresses. This also proves that the Japanese considered the floating fortresses to be indestructible.


One of these is near Gibraltar and the other is on the North Sea!
- Bingham, with a map of Europe to the left of him, showing the two Floating Fortresses.

Third World War

At least three examples were deployed during the Third World War. The Black Tortoise was placed in the Western Pacific. Another two blockaded the North Sea and the Straits of Gibraltar respectively. The North Sea fortress was destroyed when its reactors were overloaded by a combined Allied-Soviet assault. Ackerman disagreed over the war from a third faction, but he didn't know that the second Floating Fortress was planning an invasion of the US east coast. The Imperial Command Center in Tokyo also granted an invasion of north-west Europe while both Field Marshall Robert Bingham and Giles Price had set up fortifications and defenses to protect Allied bases from Imperial invasions at Amsterdam, the Von Esling Airbase, London and Denmark.

RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Empire of the Rising Sun campaign for Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

The Black Tortoise repelled an Allied invasion on the Japanese home islands in the Western Pacific. It then served as a base of operations for a raid on cultural centers in Santa Monica in the United States. Both Giles Price and Tanya tried to destroy the Black Tortoise and defending Hollywood, but were repelled by the Empire of the Rising Sun's military technologies under the Imperial Commander and Naomi Shirada.


After the war, the new Imperial commander Takara Sato used a fortress as a base of operations. The platform contained advanced Cloning technologies which allowed the mass-production of commando infantry like Yuriko Omega. The platform was taken by a FutureTech-sponsored force, lead by the Futuretech Commander.


The Black Turtle, also known as Genbu, was one of four guardian spirits in Japanese and Chinese folklore.


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