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Mammoth tank
TA Forgotten Mammoth
Forgotten Mammoth with chain saw



Heavy anti-tank vehicle

  • 2x anti-vehicle cannon
  • Anti-infantry/anti-vehicle saw
Attack range

2.5 m


Added during patch 05-09-2012

The Forgotten Mammoth tank is a salvaged and modified GDI Mammoth Mk. III from the Third Tiberium War. The Forgotten Mammoth is very effective against vehicles, and is armed with an attached saw on its back, making it useful for crushing infantry and light vehicles. It is quite able to counter GDI's own Mammoth Mk. III.

During the Third Tiberium War, some Mammoth Mk. III tanks were eventually abandoned on the battlefield. They were then salvaged by the Forgotten, being modified into the menacing Forgotten Mammoth. These tanks were used to defend the Forgotten's camps, outposts, and bases.

When upgraded, the Mammoths have a shield and can absorb damage.

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