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Fort Bradley
Fort Bradley
Fort Bradley, during the War of the Three Powers

New York City, USA


North America




Military base



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Fort Bradley was an Allied military base located in New York City during Third World War. The fort trained mostly Allied Infantry such as GIs, Attack Dogs.

A military base of the same name also exists in New York in the new timeline created by Anatoly Cherdenko's time travel, during the War of the Three Powers.

Third World War

Fort Bradley RA2

Fort Bradley, during World War III

In the first mission of the Allied Campaign, the Allies lost contact with Fort Bradley in the wake of the Soviet invasion of the United States. A strike team led by Special Agent Tanya was sent in to re-establish communications with the fort and assist in the defense of New York City against the vanguard of the Soviet assault. Once Tanya made contact with the soldiers at Fort Bradley, the fort was used as a base of operations to dispose of a nearby Soviet supply depot.

The fort included Power Plants, a Construction Yard, an Ore refinery, and a Barracks, in addition to Pillboxes and Patriot batteries for defense. A team of engineers were able to repair the nearby bridge that the Soviets destroyed to allow Tanya, with the assistance of several GIs and a patrol of Grizzly Tanks, to destroy the depot. This mission was successful in blunting the Soviet invasion of New York.

War of the Three Powers

Fort Bradley is still present in the new timeline created by the assassination of Albert Einstein. Allied Peacekeepers and Special Agent Tanya are known to be trained there.

RA3 USSR logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

During the War of the Three Powers, Fort Bradley defended the city when the Soviets invaded New York. The Soviet forces managed to distract the Fort personnel by destroying its Prospectors using Terror drones. This allowed Soviet reinforcements to arrive in New York, including Kirov Airships and experimental Tesla tanks, who proceed to completely wipe out the Fort.

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