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For other uses, see Fuel Air Bomb

The fuel air bomb was a weapon tested by the Allies. It was dropped from a cargo plane and created a massive blast over a designated area destroying instantly anything. The power of the weapon was extreme, and USSR decided to attack the R&D facilities of the Allies and scrap all research, forcefully.

The operational principle behind a Fuel Air Bomb was that in midair, the petroleum-based chemical fuel would be released, turning into an aerosol form to allow for an extremely efficient reaction. Then, a detonator would explode, igniting the fuel and causing a massive explosion.

A similar technology has been reengineered by Nod for the Third Tiberium War, as the Tiberium vapor bomb, which included a similar aerosol ignition and method of delivery (Dropped from an Armageddon heavy bomber), simply replacing the hydrocarbon fuel for a tiberium one.

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