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Rupert Thornley




Amsterdam (corporate HQ)


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Kelly Weaver (PR officer and CPO)
Gregor Zelinsky

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FutureTech Corporation is a corporation operating within Allied jurisdiction. It was responsible for developing many of the technologies used in the Allied arsenal during the War of Three Powers. FutureTech emerged from the war solvent and under the patronage of Rupert Thornley, President of the European Union.

FutureTech maintained a research facility in Amsterdam. This facility was considered to be a priority target by the Imperial leadership during the War of the Three Powers.


I've got a map of Europe that's nearly taken by the Soviets. We cannot let them invade Brighton Beach, also.
- Eva McKenna in Ride of the Red Menace doing mission briefing.

Third World War

The Confused map of Soviet-occupied Europe

A photograph was given to the new Allied Commander (WWIII) from his intelligence officer, Eva Mckenna.
Defense of Great Britain and the Netherlands

Remaining Allied territory in Europe. The Allies might attempt to not only defend Great-Britain but also the FutureTech HQ in the Netherlands. This however, is unknown.

Bingham's report on the map shows that Greece is left out of the jackboot, while Denmark and the Netherlands are still under Allied control.

RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Empire of the Rising Sun campaign for Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.
Futuretech HQ

FutureTech facility in Amsterdam.

Having conquered the USSR, the Empire of the Rising Sun moved to give the Allies, a crippling blow. Imperial forces converged on Amsterdam and the FutureTech research center.

Doctor Gregor Zelinsky, having escaped to the Allies from the Soviet Union, was present working on the Chronosphere prototype. In an attempt to stop the Imperial advance, Zelinsky used the Chronosphere to unleash a catastrophic effect that destroyed both nearby Allied and Imperial forces in the area.

However it was not enough. Imperial forces were reinforced by Yoshiro's elite troops and they made the final push on the laboratory before destroying it. The Empire has won their own War of the Three Powers and the player is titled Supreme Shogun of Japan.


RA3 USSR logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Red Alert 3: Uprising and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

After the end of the war and the Allied victory, FutureTech became more powerful and started to provide the peacekeeping Allies with new military technologies, such as the Future Tank X-1, Pacifier FAV, Harbinger Gunship, the Cryo Legionnaire suit and the Sigma Harmonizer.

However, FutureTech had also other plans. Rupert Thornley, for one, was secretly working for them, because he had one goal: to create something in order to wipe the USSR and communism from the face of the Earth. First, he forced some ex-Soviet scientists to work on some new weapons, but those scientists were all rescued by a brilliant Soviet Commander working for the Soviet Underground movement.

After this, the same Commander went to investigate some FutureTech installations and he discovered that they were doing experiments on some civilians. Rupert Thornley told the Commander that once the Sigma Project is completed, his actions would mean nothing to the Allies.

Later, the Soviets discover that the Sigma Project is a weapon created to erase the USSR from existence and Rupert Thornley personally uses it to block Soviet forces during the Battle of Sigma Island. It is believed that Thornley and FutureTech wanted to use the Sigma Harmonizer to rid the world of Communism, but Soviet forces stopped them from doing so.

After these events, FutureTech still exists (even though they're now being observed by Allies in order to prevent more problems like these) and they helped the Allies to capture the Imperial Commander that refused to surrender after the fall of the Empire plus Yuriko Omega.

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