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FutureTech Commander
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Post-War of Three Powers


Collecting military data, tactics and weapons from each faction.

The player character in Uprising's "Commander's Challenge" mode, this Commander has gone about collecting technology from all 3 factions from the War of Three Powers. The Commander seems to reach tactical and technological supremacy, should he reach his ultimate goal of collecting all of the military data from each of the 3 factions' Commanders, and also should he manage to outwit each Commander's tactics, which improve overtime.

Role in the Campaigns

During the events of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising, the Futuretech Commander constructed a laboratory in Transylvania, Romania. Forcing captured Soviet scientists to conduct research for FutureTech. The Soviet Underground destroyed it under the Soviet Commander and his forces. The director of the Office of Occupational Forces, Giles Price came to see him about Yuriko Omega. The organization's Commander agreed to join him and when Yuriko managed to escape with captured Soviet and Imperial soldiers in a rebellion, both Commanders couldn't stop her from being sent to FutureTech as ordered by aircraft.

Role in the Commander's Challenge

The commander accepts a mission from Futuretech's taskforce representative, Kelly Weaver into collecting 50 technologies from the 3 different factions. Starting with challenging Allied Commander, Douglas Hill for his Attack Dogs, he goes triumphing over various esteemed Commanders in the ranks of all 3 factions, even when they team up against him in 3-to-1 battles.

After beating all 3 faction's Commanders (each faction having 3 commanders against the Commander), Kelly congratulates the Commander, and asks that he consider FutureTech's generous offer.

The Commander's Opponents

Within 50 technologies from three factions in the Commander's Challenge, the Futuretech Commander must defeat nine Commanders (like the Generals Challenge) by using technologies, he has to remove them all.

The nine Commanders are:


Empire of the Rising Sun

Soviet Union

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