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Alphonse Giraud

G-Tech is a highly advanced research and development division of the Global Defense Initiative, appearing in Tiberium Wars and which was supposed to appear in Tiberium.


They are not only responsible for the development of sophisticated sensor systems for the CC-6 Pitbull, designed to penetrate stealth technology, but also improved on base defenses for GDI. In addition, they are also conducting research on Tiberium in order to determine the intentions of the Brotherhood of Nod.

Notable employees

Behind the Scenes

  • The group was to make an appearance in the now cancelled Tiberium FPS shooter game where they were developing an anti-matter bomb which Ricardo Vega was to transport by Dropship, however, the transport vehicle Madrid carrying the bomb ended up crashing.


G-Tech appears in Tiberium Wars and was supposed to appear in Tiberium.

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