The GDI Emergency Aid Commission was a government and military act made in the First Tiberium War by British Prime Minister, Francis Weatherell and her Supreme GDI Commander, Adam Locke. The commisssion was then brought into countries held in Europe that supported the GDI league as Nod fought in Africa during the GDI-Nod war from mid 1990s to early 2000s. The Second Tiberium War fought between Nod and GDI over a lot of might in the early 2030s, even during the Firestorm Crisis. This was disbanded after 2052, a decade before Kane arrived in Manchester of England to meet GDI leaders under their own command.

The Third Tiberium War brought a devastating loss to major Blue Zones, like Iceland and the north-eastern United States of America to the Brotherhood of Nod. The commission was given an emegency response in giving GDI plenty of aid despite the Tier one to three purposes. The Invasion of Earth came down on the United Kingdom and south-eastern Australia by the Scrin (later Nod) for causing an explosion that killed Kane inside Temple Prime of Sarajevo. In 2052 after the Tacitus was regained, Nod had the benefit of post-war reductions as GDI banned the Emergency Aid Commission after more than fifty years of victory and causes of violence with aid dropping in.

Blue Zones

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