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GDI Supermax
GDI Supermax Map
A map of the Supermax facility, with the impounded GST Tzadik highlighted

Arctic Circle


Low Tiberium contamination (2077)


Blue Zone



Appears in

Tiberian Twilight



The GDI Supermax is a maximum security prion located in the Arctic Circle maintained by the Global Defense Initiative by the time of the Ascension Conflict.


Commander Parker and Colonel Louise James were imprisoned at this facility following their failed coup against the GDI Council, and the GST Tzadik was also temporarily kept under lockdown within the facility, since a docking station was unavailable at GDI Central.

Eventually, Parker was freed by a mysterious man named Duquette, who told him that Colonel James was already heading for the Scrin Tower, but she needs backup. Duquette arranged a gap in the security rotation and freed a number of GDI infantry loyal to Colonel James, allowing Parker to capture an Uplink Tower and deploy a Crawler. Taking advantage of the choas caused by a Nod Separatist attack on the prison, Parker's forces disabled the tractor beams that locked down the Tzadik, and Parker fled the prison aboard the GST.


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