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GDI Treasury
GDI Treasury
The GDI Treasury building, located deep within the complex

United States


North America


Low Tiberium contamination


Blue Zone (2047)



Appears in

Kane's Wrath

The GDI Treasury is a large complex in an unspecified location in the United States that houses the bulk of GDI's wealth. It is surrounded by mountains and is only accessible through a valley guarded by numerous elite troops. The center of the complex is a set of plateaus, each with a set of crucial buildings, including an ion cannon command center. Prior to 2047, the treasurer was Redmond Boyle.

Storyline summary

A Nod stealth taskforce, including Specter artillery, infiltrated the facility just prior to the outbreak of the Third Tiberium War. The team stole vast amounts of funds from the Treasury, but their main objective was to keep Treasurer Boyle busy, preventing him from attending the Energy Summit on Philadelphia. Kane thought that having such an egoistic, short-sighted buffoon leading GDI would greatly aid Nod in their objectives, and therefore decided to save him from a fiery death on board Philadelphia by keeping him on Earth.

Tiberium Universe Locations

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