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The GDI Power plant is the GDI faction's basic power-generating structure in Tiberian Sun. The deployment of this type of power plant requires more resource management, but can save precious space for more power plants or other structures if managed well.


Following global climate changes and changes in Nod's tactics, GDI engaged in a major redesign effort for many units and structures. One result of this effort is the new and improved power plant structure. This power plant is a highly compact gas turbine generator which features a single large cooling tower used to vent excess heat from the interior. This tower doubles as the power transmission center.

The generator is durable and efficient enough to produce twice its standard undamaged output of 100 power units without substantial modification. The only requirement is building additional turbines which are readily installed on the base structure. The plant can support up to three turbines, but is constructed with only one to start. When a sufficient tech level is reached, the turbines can be constructed at the low cost of 100 credits, allowing the player to produce 200 power per plant when fully upgraded for the total cost of 500 credits (300 for initial plant, 100 each for the turbines).

The advantage of this structure over Nod's two power plants is twofold. First, one only needs to construct a single building, which is especially useful when in difficult terrain or in concert with Pavement requirement. Secondly, the upgrade is far more cost effective than building a Nod advanced power plant, making them a tempting target for capture by the player, where a basic Nod power plant or a GDI power plant that has not been upgraded is typically a waste of a 500 credit engineer to capture a 300 credit structure.


Power plants continued to be fielded following the Firestorm Crisis.


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