GDS Pathe
GDS Pathe at Hampton Roads Shipyard
GDS Pathe at Hampton Roads Shipyard



Aircraft carrier

The GDS Pathe was a Global Defense Initiative aircraft carrier operating in 2047 on the United States' eastern seaboard.


During the first weeks of the Third Tiberium War, the Nod conquest of Andrews Air Force Base and grounding of GDI aircraft at Langley made the Pathe the sole projector of GDI air power over the vulnerable US East Coast Blue Zone.

At the time, the Pathe was berthed at Hampton Roads Shipyard, the largest GDI naval depot in North America. Despite heavy security measures, Nod was able to smuggle a female commando into the cargo crates of the depot, who managed to sabotage and sink Pathe as well as allow a large Nod force to claim Hampton Roads.


Originally, the Pathe was a unique, named aircraft carrier in Tiberium Wars. However, it was later re-used as a prop in two missions of Kane's Wrath (The Doctor Vanishes and Tacitus Interruptus). However, rather than being a class designation, it's more likely that the model was simply reused to save time.

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