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RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon
RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon



Light infantry


Unknown compact full-auto SMG
(Normal Weapon In Game) Spectre SMG
(In Concept Art)
(Deployed Weapon, cutscenes)


Composite combat vest



Tech level


Hit points


Armour type






Build time


Produced by

Allied barracks

Ground attack
  • 15 (25 when elite) (SA)
  • 25 (deployed) (SSA)
  • 30 (40 when elite) (when garrison) (SSAB)
  • 25 (IFV) (SSA)
  • 20
  • 15 (deployed, garrison, IFV


Attack range
  • 4
  • 5 (6 when elite) (deployed)
  • 6 (garrison, IFV)
Sight range



Deployed in sandbags

Elite upgrade

Increased strength, firepower, rate of fire, self-healing

How 'bout some action?
- GI
RA2 GI Icons
RA2 GI Veteran Icons

G.I.s (Government Issue) or General Infantry form the core of Allied infantry in the Third World War and Psychic Dominator Disaster.


These soldiers possess basic combat training in urban warfare, which allowed them to effectively garrison civilian buildings and use them as makeshift fortifications.

Each of the GIs is equipped with what appears to be a Spectre submachine gun which they used on foot and an M60 general-purpose machine gun which they used in entrenched positions. For protection, each of them had a composite combat vest with shoulder pads and a composite helmet.

Game Unit

G.I.s may deploy into a ring of sandbags. In this static mode they do more damage per burst and have longer range which is enough to keep most hostile infantry away. Conscripts have a hard time closing the distance with deployed squad of GI's as their increased range and damage makes short work of them and other infantry on the move. Undeployed, the GI uses an SMG which is inferior to the Conscript's weapon. Their machine guns whilst deployed do a fair amount of damage to vehicles and buildings, making GI's great for early game mass infantry rushes. When put into an IFV, they gain even more firepower against infantry but the damage output to buildings and vehicles is less potent. The G.I. may also garrison structures and do more damage per second than Conscript garrisons, but are outmatched by Initiate garrisons.

The game's files identify the GI's standard weapon as the M60 and its deployed weapon as the "para".

When deployed in large groups they can also be a threat to enemy armor of all kinds. Paired with Guardian GIs, they can be effective against many ground forces, (and air units, thanks to Guardian GIs being able to attack aircraft), but are vulnerable to special anti-infantry units, such as SEALS and Snipers.

For defending a base deployed GIs are very important up against brutal AI opponents for your first lines of defense. This is because they can distract and possibly kill attacking enemy units, reducing the attacking army size and wasting precious time.


After the war they were replaced by Peacemakers in the Post-War Crisis, and later by Peacekeepers in the War of the Three Powers, which possess shotguns, and are more effective against enemy infantry.



  • Decent against infantry and light vehicles.
  • When deployed, its fighting capabilities improve greatly.
  • Excellent corridor defense in large numbers.
  • Able to take on heavy armor in entrenched positions in large numbers.
  • Able to take on light armor in entrenched positions in medium numbers.
  • In entrenched positions, can take on large numbers of infantry
  • Vastly superior to the Soviet Conscript.
  • Can garrison buildings to vastly improve fighting power and survivability.
  • Can easily destroy buildings in large numbers when deployed or not.
  • Elite GIs can outrange basic defenses such as Pill Boxes, Sentry Guns, Gatling Cannons, or Battle Bunkers but not advanced ones such as Prism Towers, Tesla Coils, Psychic Towers, and Grand Cannons.


  • Easily countered by anti-infantry weapons, even when in sheer numbers.
  • Vulnerable to mind control.
  • Vulnerable to air units.
  • When mobile, weapons are not as effective.
  • When in entrenched positions, vulnerable to artillery.
  • Twice the cost of soviet conscripts.
  • Unable to engage Initiate in a duel when not deployed.
  • If second to fire, unable to engage Conscript in a duel even when deployed.
  • A pack of deployed GIs are an easy target to Viruses, Desolators, Snipers, or even Demolition Trucks.
  • Don't fare well against high-technology vehicles such as Apocalypse Tanks unless massed in great numbers.

Selected Quotes

Sir, yes, sir!
- When selected
- When selected
Squared away, sir!
- When selected
- When selected
How 'bout some action?
- When selected
Can do!
- When selected
Who's next?
- When selected
Movin' out!
- When moving
Got it!
- When moving
On my way!
- When moving
Double time!
- When moving
On the move!
- When moving
- When moving
- When ordered to attack
You got it!
- When ordered to attack
Enemy sighted!
- When ordered to attack
Let's do it!
- When ordered to attack
Diggin' in!
- When ordered to attack
Safety first, sir!
- When ordered to attack
We're pinned down!
- Under fire
We're being attacked!
- Under fire


See Also

Behind the scenes

The G.I.s are played by Sharif Perry, Micheal Rouleau, Jeremy Olson, Brett Logan, Lamar Lucas and McKenzie Woodcock in the cutscenes. The ingame unit was voiced by Michael Bell, like most Allied infantry.

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