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RA3 Personal Gap Generator Icons
RA3 Gap Field Icons

The Gap generator was used only on the Mirage Tank (Red Alert 3) for attacking the enemy such the Soviet Union. The generator can fire lasers around in circles against enemy forces when the player wants to install the generator on a Mirage Tank.

Earlier Tests

When the Soviets marched on Europe, the Mirage Tank along with the Vindicator from Asturias Sistemas and an F-11X Apollo Fighter from Angstrom Defense in both Spain and Sweden were quickly moved to FutureTech in the Netherlands. The experiment on a Mirage Tank was to shoot lasers in the formation of a Gap Generator on enemy tanks. Eventually, the plan worked quite successful. The Mirage Tank's friends went to war in Europe across France and Germany, but when Ackerman planned to fire the Mount Rushmore Control Center on Moscow in the wake of a Soviet offensive against the Americans and retaliation from Cherdenko, the Mirage Tank came to the rescue.


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