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Yes, garrison your buildings. You will only delay the inevitable!
- Kwai

Garrisoning is a tactic used in urban combat. As high ground and cover are both effective measures to protect infantry, commanders often choose to send their troops inside buildings whenever possible, vastly increasing their survivability. A trained group of infantry can easily turn a civilian structure into a makeshift fortress, keeping them safe, at least as long as the structure stands; in order to increase the longevity of a building, generals may order their construction dozers or workers to repair and maintain it. Generally, about 8 or 10 soldiers can occupy one building.

Garrisoning increases the chance of survival for infantry, as most units will have to deal with the building before the infantry. A few missile soldiers e.g. Missile Defenders, along with some anti-infantry support like scouts, can be extremely useful against all comers of enemy tanks, aircraft and vehicles.

GLA's expert mercenary, Jarmen Kell, and the American Pathfinders could garrison a building without being noticed.


Generals Dragon Tank

Though garrisoning a building is an effective defense certain units like the Dragon Tank will be a serious problem to it unless it is destroyed quickly.

Anybody home?
- Ranger

There are a variety of counters to garrisoning. For the USA, Rangers work well both when upgraded with Flash-Bang Grenades or rappelling from a Chinook. The Microwave Tank can burn the garrisoned infantry without damaging the building. Also, the Nighthawk can kill garrisoned forces when upgraded with Bunker Busters, even units garrisoned in Tunnel Networks. Chinese Dragon Tanks and GLA Toxin Tractors can get rid of a building of its infantry enemies with fire and toxins (With anthrax).

Any artillery could outrange and destroy the building, without being countered himself. The Nuke cannon could be upgraded with Neutron Shells, killing all infantry instantly and leaving the building intact.

Anti-garrison weapons


  • Flash-Bang Grenades (for US Rangers only)
  • Microwave Tank
  • Chinook (with use of US Rangers for Flash-Bang Grenades)
  • Stealth Fighter (with the use of Bunker Busters)


  • Dragon Tank
  • Nuke Cannon (with Neutron Shells)


Mobile bunkers

Get out there and take care of business!
- Helix, unloading

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