Gerhardt-Giraud Shipworks



Assault destroyer
Aircraft carrier


United States of America

Gerhardt-Giraud Shipworks is an American company whose products appear in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


The Assault destroyer was used in attacks at the Allied laboratory in Greece against the USSR. They were all destroyed by the Soviet Commander and his assistant, Zhana Agonskaya to whom Giles Price is coming for a rival's battle. In the Allied campaign, they were rescued by an Allied Commander who used them to attack an Imperial Admiral in the south at Gibraltar.

The Allied Aircraft Carrier failed to destroy the Japanese at the Pacific Ocean, which made a hasty retreat to either the United States of America or Australia. The Allies were useful for them at the North Atlantic to destroy a Floating Fortress, Tokyo to break up the Imperial docks blocking a Soviet naval convoy under Nikolai Krukov and in Havana to destroy all of the sports stadiums that some Kirovs are getting away by Oleg Vodnik.

Also, the Aircraft Carrier made an appearance at Geneva. A Soviet Conscript says about the Chronoshift of the ship coming in by Lissette Hanley. All of them were destroyed as Ackerman's reinforcements soon lost the battle into Europe.


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