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Gideon's Crawler was a heavily modified, red-painted Crawler used by Gideon in Tiberian Twilight.


While apparently based on the design of a standard Nod Defense Crawler, Gideon's Crawler was heavily augmented. It was far more capable in combat, fortified with five times the armor of a normal Crawler and armed with the Nod equivalent of a focus beam weapon. Gideon's Crawler could also burrow and travel underground around a battlefield at will. The Crawler had other augmentations, such as a powerful defensive shield, but Gideon was forced to draw power from other Crawlers in order to operate these defenses.


Gideon's Crawler served as Gideon's sort of base of operations, stationed at the Giraud-Moebius Tiberium Crater along with the heart of Nod Separatist forces. Kane located Gideon's base after hacking his command Crawler in the Arctic and ordered Commander Parker to force Gideon's obedience. Parker's forces engaged Gideon's army, and when Gideon's Crawler was severely damaged, Gideon surrendered to Kane. What happened to the Crawler after the battle is unknown, although it was likely destroyed by Kane.

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