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Hampton Roads (GDI mission)
Hampton Roads (Nod mission)

The Hampton Roads Naval Base is one of GDI's most stationed harbours in the world. Kane talked to his advisors that capturing this naval base could destroy the Navy belonging to the Global Defense Initiative. GDI quickly took the offensive and cleared a Nod supply base that's near some container yards.

Commando Offensive

After the Pentagon was liberated, Fullerton took out a Black Hand group and destroyed Nod's Operations Center. Then, he reached to the perimeter as the Commando killed squads of Nod Fanatics and troops until blowing up the Air Tower to stop Vertigo Bombers from attacking three Battleships. Without the reinforcements, Fullerton ambushed the supply base which he destroyed everything until victory was made for a famed GDI Commander.

Destroy the Building

Kane became a President of Nod's USA after GDI's White House was taken as four banners were hanged over the local office. Despite the fact of sending reinforcements, a Commando infiltrated the shipyard. Killing a GDI Commando and soon after, GDS Pathe exploded by a bomb that was planted by Nod. Reinforcements engaged Sniper teams, finding a lost Saboteur, capturing the Power Plant and with a Predator tank taken out by Fanatics plus flying Venoms in the rainy sky, the Port authority building was destroyed in rubble.

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