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Hell March
DeveloperFrank Klepacki
From First To Last (remixes)
PublisherWestwood Studios
Electronic Arts
Release Date1996-2008
GenreHeavy metal

Hell March is the main theme of all Red Alert games. All official versions were composed by Frank Klepacki, while two remixes were made by the emocore group From First To Last.


While working on Covert Operations, Frank Klepacki composed Hell March from the idea of "a rock tune to marching boots", finishing the song in one day after inventing the guitar riff.[1] Upon listening, director Brett Sperry insisted this song be used as the signature theme of Command & Conquer: Red Alert.[2] Originally intended for use with the Brotherhood of Nod, it features militaristic samples including marching, industrial sounds, and a commander shouting.

Main versions

Official remixes


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