High-Water Mark
Unit Unlocked

Aircraft Carrier


2 vs 1


Cat Fight


The Omega Program

Side Unlocked

The Omega Program

High-Water Mark is a Commander's Challenge mission where the Futuretech Commander battles Shinzo Nagama and Douglas Hill. FutureTech's being advised that the Commander wouldn't get closer to defeating both Commanders. Douglas and Shinzo teamed up against the player for defeating Lydia Winters and Takara in the Cat Fight previously and when Shinzo gets defeated, Takara will be back with a new weapon. The mission is listed twenty-one in the Commander's Challenge between that previous mission and The Omega Program.


The FutureTech military this time sends their Commander to the Pacific Ocean in a showdown between Douglas Hill and Shinzo's two bases sitting north-west and south-west on two islands. FutureTech is ready to get wet and they are looking into the navies of both the Empire of the Rising Sun and the Allies. The Futuretech Commander smashes both of them in pieces and they left the area in an embarrassing state of defeat. The Futuretech Commander also says that this is the first challenge to be held on the Pacific Ocean, but the second one known as All Guns Blazing is held westwards near the coast of Eastern Asia. The victors head westwards immediately to steal the Wave-Force tower from Takara Sato on her Floating Fortress.

Strategies and Notes

  • Destroy Shinzo's base next to yours first and quickly.
  • Douglas and Shinzo will send engineers to every tech building.
  • Aircraft Carriers are helpless when you send an anti-air flier to shoot down their bombers.
  • Shinzo has access to Rocket Angels and every Naval unit except the Giga Fortress
  • You don't need to rely on naval units. You have aircraft.

Briefing Information