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High Technology
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Improves the secondary abilities of Attack dog, Guardian Tank, Cryocopter, Dolphin and Aircraft Carrier.

High Technology is an Allied Line 2 Top Secret Protocol in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. It enhances the special abilities of all Guardian Tanks, Cryocopters, Dolphins and Aircraft Carriers, and increases the freeze-speed of all cryo-based weapons. In the Uprising expansion, it affects the Harbinger Gunship as well.


Guardian Tanks will pin-point with greater accuracy and distance, Cryocopters will shrink for a longer duration, Dolphins are able to jump further, and Carrier EMP Missiles will affect a greater radius for a longer duration. Higher threat levels also decreases the cooldown significantly. It also affects Harbinger Gunships by increasing the accuracy of the collider cannons.

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