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25px-Disambig This article is about the GLA unit. For other uses, see Hijacker.
Let's go car shopping!
- Hijacker reporting for duty
Gen1 Hijacker
Need a vehicle?



Covert-ops infantry


Knife (in which to kill drivers)



Hit points


Armour type

Human Armor

  • $400
  • $600 (Prince Kassad)
Build time


Produced by

GLA Barracks

  • Palace
  • Hijacker Science at Rank 3



30 (20 if badly wounded)

Attack range


Sight range


  • Can capture any enemy vehicle.
  • Camouflaged while still.
  • Strong vs tanks, vehicle.
  • Weak vs infantry, scouts.
Gen1 Hijacker Icons
Hijackers were daring thieves employed to steal vehicles for the GLA.


They won't expect anything.
- Hijacker, waiting for a vehicle to be jacked

Hijackers ran towards their target, force their passage into the targeted vehicle's interior, and took over the wheel. They are completely inconspicuous to enemy units when idle. When the hijacked vehicle was an USA vehicle, which had an promotion and was destroyed, the Hijacker would emerge, with the rank of the destroyed vehicle, and be ready for his next mission (like the USA Pilot), although they cannot steal vehicles with highly experienced crews or vehicles with a garrison onboard (such as the Troop Crawler).

With such experienced thieves in limited supply, GLA commanders could only obtain them from a Barracks if they were a certain rank and had spent promotional points. Prince Kassad, being the one that introduce them as a part of his "soft power", have access to a more trained personel.


It will be mine!
- Hijacker on the capture
Gen1 Hijack Icons Hijack - Hijack target enemy vehicle.


I'll just drop in!
- Hijacker going to steal a vehicle

Hijackers were particularly efficient at stealing tanks and long-range vehicles. Their ability to survive the destruction of a vehicle was also a huge advantage. Hijacking vehicles with veterancy will "promote" the Hijacker; if the vehicle is an American one, the Hijacker can escape with the current promotion (a jacked heroic Crusader tank would turn the Hijacker heroic once it is destroyed). A good tactic when facing multiple vehicle by using the Hijacker is by jumping into one of them, then jump into the next nearest vehicle when it is destroyed and carry on.

Hijackers is a good counter to heavy tank divisions such as the Chinese Overlord.


I just wanted to borrow a car!
- Hijacker taking fire

However, although they are fast runners, they were still vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons and had a harder time stealing light vehicles. If they were spotted, they would be killed easily (this was especially the case if a Pathfinder managed to spot one). Hijackers were stealthed while still, however once they moved they were visible and could be attacked by the enemy. They also lacked ranged weaponry and could not attack other infantry or aircraft. Therefore, GLA commanders had to be very careful and make sure that Hijackers remained covert units.

Also, if the vehicle stolen by a Hijacker is destroyed by an aircraft, the Hijacker does not emerge.

The introduction of some stealth detection and light vehicles to an armored formation would help provide significant protection against Hijackers. US vehicle may opt for Scout Drone upgrade to spot them. Sentry Drone (especially when upgraded) is also a good counterpoint, being cheap, mobile, armored, available immediately (not requiring promotional points), and unable to be hijacked, being a drone.

Infantry transports such as Assault Troop Crawlers and Battle Buses could not be hijacked (provided they were loaded with at least one infantry) and would also swiftly put the Hijacker out of his misery should one attempt to



  • Stealthed when idle
  • Cheap
  • All manned ground vehicles can be hijacked
  • Effective in numbers
  • When hijacked units with veterancy are destroyed, the Hijacker will escape with the same veterency level (similar to the USA's Pilot)
  • Promoted Hijackers will pass on veterancy level to captured vehicles
  • Can capture a tank attempting to crush it
  • Good for neutralizing heavier tanks and artillery
  • Can capture construction vehicles to access other generals' technology


  • Defenseless
  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry
  • Vulnerable to aircraft
  • Stealth does not apply when moving, and can be neutralized by stealth detection
  • Cannot hijack any vehicle with a higher rank than itself, along with any landed aircraft and unmanned vehicles such as Sentry Drones. They also cannot capture vehicles with an infantry garrison onboard.
  • Capturing a crewless vehicle does not pass on veterancy bonus, and the Hijacker will not escape if the vehicle is destroyed
  • Available only when playing as Prince Kassad, and requires a General's Promotion when playing as the normal GLA
  • Unavailable to Dr. Thrax and Rodall Juhziz.


Excellent plan!
- Hijacker on the move
  • Mission GLA 3 Zero Hour - Hijackers became important in this mission that is the attack to the US fleet in Crete.
  • Mission GLA 4 Zero Hour - Operation to infiltrate the US mainland and steal chemical weapons. Available in numbers along with Jarmen Kell.

General Division

Dr. Thrax

  • Unable to train the Hijackers.

General Rodal 'Demo' Juhziz

  • Also cannot purchase Hijacker.

Prince Kassad

  • Fully cloaked, which means that his Hijackers are fully stealthed, even while moving. The Hijacker also can be trained without any requirements.

Selected Quotes

How about a test drive, huh?
- When selected
Need a new vehicle?
- When selected
I can drive anything
- When selected
They won't expect anything
- When selected
Let's go car shopping!
- When selected
Excellent plan!
- When moving
Step by step
- When moving
Well-calculated move
- When moving
I'll mix among them
- When moving
Shht! I can't be seen
- When moving
Sight unseen
- When moving
Always wanted one of those
- When ordered to hijacking vehicles
I'll take control
- When ordered to hijacking vehicles
It will be mine!
- When ordered to hijacking vehicles
I'll just drop in!
- When ordered to hijacking vehicles
I don't need keys
- When ordered to hijacking vehicles
I've been found
- Under fire
We didn't plan for this
- Under fire
No place to hide
- Under fire
I just wanted to borrow a car
- Under fire


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