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Los Angeles, United States of America


North America






United States of America

Appears in

Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles and home to the entertainment and film industry. This is where actors and actresses get to be there attending the academy awards which are held in late February or early March of each year, honoring the preceding year in their best filming or entertainment.

Red Alert Universe

Main article: Hollywood (RA Universe)

Twice, there have been two battles during one war. One was the Psychic Dominator Disaster where the Allies defeated Yuri from using civilians in his Grinder as "cold cash" and the victors recruited Sammy Stallion, Flint Westwood and Arnie Frankenfurter to attack Yuri's forces. They also took out Yuri's brand-new movie set which featured a Tyrannosaurus Rex near the Allied garrison.

Another one was during the War of Three Powers where the Empire of the Rising Sun under an Imperial Commander and Naomi Shirada, attacked the district for capturing some broadcasting stations when Emperor Yoshiro said to broadcast himself on Great Britain's BCN News saying about the occupation of the US West Coast causing civilians to be in fear which they didn't know Howard T. Ackerman was indeed a cyborg, programmed by Prince Tatsu to overheard a conversation between British Field Marshall Robert Bingham and Dr. Gregor Zelinsky.

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