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Yuri has mind controlled the population of Los Angeles and is feeding the civilians into his Grinders to fund his Psychic Dominator project. If we can eliminate the Grinders, Yuri will have lost a significant source of funds.
- Mission Briefing
YR Gameicon
YR Gameicon
Hollywood and Vain
YR Allied M02 Grinder

Time Lapse


Power Play

Part of

Psychic Dominator Disaster




Hollywood, America


Allies stopped Yuri's "harvesting" operations



Yuri's Army

  • Actors
  • Citizens of Hollywood

Stop Yuri's harvesting

Destroy the Allied forces

Assist the Allied forces to stop Yuri's harvesting operation


Lord Yuri


Allied taskforce:

Yuri garrison:




  • Minimal
  • All lost if Yuri plays an attack on them and the mission will fail.

Hollywood and Vain is the second mission where the Allied Commander goes to Hollywood to defeat Yuri's garrison and rescue three important actors.


The Allies are going well since their first mission and they have destroyed the Psychic Dominator in San Francisco along with the Soviet Union. Learning Yuri's efforts in brainwashing people by capturing Hollywood, the Allied veteran leaves for Hollywood after the briefing of his mission and General Carville returns alive after managing to escape his death from a Crazy Ivan that killed him at the Pentagon, a year back.

Yuri is using his Grinders and Mind control to recycle the population of Hollywood. In addition, Yuri starts using Hollywood's resources to send "inspiring" messages to the US population. Yuri's main base for this mission is at the last northern part of the map. The Allied Commander managed to stop it with help from Arnie Frankenfurter, Flint Westwood and Sammy Stallion.

Key Units/Buildings

The Start

However, the Allied forces managed to send an MCV, 5 GIs and 5 Guardian GIs. The Allied Commander then found three Hollywood actors, which have not been mind controlled by Yuri, but are guarded by Yuri's forces.

The Allied Commander will then get an incoming transmission from General Carville after he/she finds the first actor. Yuri's Grinder is all over the map, one of these in the east of the first base area. Harrier Jets should be able to destroy the Grinder, provided that there are no Gattling tank or Gattling Cannon defenders in their section's way.

The Attack

The objective is to destroy all of Yuri's buildings in Hollywood. Special technologies available for this mission is the Battle Fortress, Chronosphere and the French Grand Cannon.​

To be the most effective in this mission, it is recommended to take each Hollywood actor and secure them behind Allied walls, or put them in a Battle Fortress if preferred. Yuri's forces will search everywhere for the actors and may unfortunately, kill them. Once all three actors have been found, deploy them in an IFV. This will increase the actor's fighting powers and defend them from an attack. Be sure to bring a Repair IFV (IFV+Engineer) too in case you need emergency repairing.

The actor may also be emplaced in a Battle Fortress for a bigger bang. The Battle Fortress can then be sent to the LAX, freeing the airport to enable access of fresh reinforcements. Oil derricks, including a purple oil derrick, are scattered around the map, waiting to be captured.

Also, it is highly recommended that you charge your units to go by the western part of the map and attack Yuri's base from that part as there are no on-land entry routes by the east and Yuri's forces are guarding on the southern part of their base. If you scout the area nearby, it is revealed that Yuri is trying to make his own dinosaur movie (but it was heavily flawed).

Yuri's Grinder, when destroyed had left behind a lucrative money crate. On an unrelated event, the Allied taskforce may be required to save civilians surrounded by Initiate troopers. Be advised on Yuri's clones as they can take control of your ground units, excluding our Hollywood actors.

Once Yuri's Construction Yard is destroyed (or captured), Yuri will rally a large part of his force to overwhelm the Allied main position. Survive this rush, but the only thing to be done here before evicting Yuri's auxiliary production facilities on the beach. If this mission completed fast enough, the Commander may get a lucrative contract with Hollywood producers.

Aftermath and Outcome

Victory had surrounded the Allies in style and their units look armoured and ready to fight Yuri. Unfortunately Yuri's forces have threatened the city of Seattle, and the Allied Commander is immediately sent to Seattle, along with some British snipers.

Bug and Easter Eggs

If the player captures the Yuri Construction Yard, one can actually build the entire Yuri arsenal (including superweapons and even Yuri himself) or if the time of the mission is last too long, Yuri will build the arsenal like in Skirmish Games.


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