Hong Kong Convention Center

Hong Kong, People's Republic of China






Major Site


China (Generals)
Global Liberation Army

Appears in

Command and Conquer: Generals


Hong Kong Crisis

The Hong Kong Convention Center is a building in Command and Conquer Generals. It is held in Hong Kong and during the War Against GLA, China and its PLA forces must destroy the building and parking structures to stop a major GLA raid by elite and professional terrorist bombers from bombing the city, after their bomb under the Tsing Ma Bridge had been blown up and losing some of China's arsenal.

The Battle

Lin Zhong, said to the Chinese Commander about destroying the Convention Center and stopping a major Terrorist threat in one of China's financial districts. A ferry is waiting at a dock, as the Chinese forces established a base and a few Bunker (Generals) and Gattling Cannon (Generals) defenses at the front of the base. GLA vehicles and troops were trying to attack, at which some Dragon Tanks burned them down.

As reinforcements were dropped off at the train station, Chinese officers were thinking to see a possible Toxin Tractor depot and was planning to attack the base from the north. The Chinese High Command, said that Anthrax is a threat to infantry, but the People's Liberation Army brought out some not-much funded tanks to attack the depot. With some Battlemaster forces to play with, they managed to blow the Toxin Tractors and the depot up in flames.

Convention Center, at Last

Much of the Chinese infantry to secure the Toxin Tractor depot and capturing a Toxin bunker, the GLA Commander had sent more forces and suspected car bombs to destroy them, but repelled by the actions of the Chinese Commander's orders. Other vehicles, such as a Gattling Tank (Generals) were catching by ferry to the Convention Center, which could be a second link-up to the attack.

With full might, the Chinese repelled the GLA Supply Stash, the military Barracks (Generals) and the rest of the camp, the PLA had managed to bombard the Convention Center to pieces and the two structures, to stop one of the biggest threats by the GLA and Chinese victory was secured.

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