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TD Hovercraft Icons

In order to facilitate deployment of their forces in theatres of war, GDI extensively utilized hovercrafts. It is an amphibious vehicle or craft, designed to travel over land or water, supported by a cushion of slowly moving, low-pressure air, ejected downwards against the surface close below it and uses large, powerful propellers to skim over water and land with ease.

First Tiberium War

Main article: Hovercraft (Tiberian Dawn), Hovercraft (Renegade)

In the First Tiberium War the Jeff (A) hovercraft was the most popular choice when deploying ordnance and men and was capable of delivering MCVs and even Mammoth tanks to shores to enter combat, aside from helicopter and transport airplane. The hovercraft is deployed from expeditionary task force's Amphibious Assault Ship that have capability to serve them. GDI in Renegade timeline seems to have operated two models. The infantry exclusive and the LCAC. Both were noted for their fragility. The are used exclusively to transport infantry, vehicle, and materiel to the landable shore only, althought LCAC and normal Hovercraft can be navigate limitedly on land. Both versions have absolutely minimal armament and designed to not fight on their own.

Third Tiberium War

Main article: GDI version, Nod version

Following a period of inactivity during the Second Tiberium War, when they were replaced with Hover MLRS and amphibious APCs, the hovercrafts once again saw extensive use in the Third Tiberium War, as a heavily armored rapid deployment craft, which played an important role in the war against the Brotherhood of Nod, even transporting Mammoth 27 tanks, for example, during the GDI attack on Alexandria. Their deplyoment is not change much from the First Tiberium War. The deployment of these vehicle becomel possible as shipping line was recovered, following tiberium taming effort that spurred after Second Tiberium War.


Similar in purpose to its GDI counterpart, the Nod vessel has a higher carrying capacity than both the Carryall and the Ox Transport. It is designed to carry even very heavy units across long oceanic distances.

It is interesting to note that the vessel bares an uncanny similarity to rays; an order of cartilaginous fish related to sharks. Similar to the iconic Nod scorpion, many varieties of rays possess poisonous barbs on their tails.


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