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Ichor Seed
CNCKW Ichor Seed

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Nerve Center


Ctrl + F3




Creates a miniature Tiberium field

CNCKW Ichor Seed Cameo

Ichor Seed is a Scrin support power, enabled by construction of the Nerve Center, that allows them to place a miniature Tiberium field in the targeted area. It is similar to Nod's Seed Tiberium both in purpose and return in investment, but it is more expensive, has a shorter cooldown, deploys on-the-spot (though it takes a few seconds for the intended effect to appear), and available in Tier 2 (compared to Seed Tiberium's Tier 3 requirement). Additionally, another use for Ichor Seed is to charge Devourer Tanks and Reaper Tripods on-the-spot in case nearby Tiberium is depleted, but the Foreman has enough credits to do so.

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