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The Imperial Women's Warfare Academy was an institution located in Hokkaido, Japan.

According to recent surveillance on the Empire of the Rising Sun, the Imperial Women's Warfare Academy is the Training HQ of the Imperial Elite Infantry units, the Rocket Angels.

Acting on the counsel of his forward-thinking son the Crown Prince, the Emperor Yoshiro saw fit to establish the Academy deep in the heart of Hokkaido, with the goal of training the Empire's finest and fittest female subjects in both traditional and new ways of battle. Segregating the academy by gender was said to ensure proper focus and discipline.

Although presented to the public as a return to the highly-trained female polearm cavalry of the Empire's storied past, this societal shift proved to be quite controversial amongst the Emperor's more-conservative subjects, with many families of note forbidding their daughters from taking up arms and enlisting (not that they necessarily would have been accepted into the IWWA anyhow). Expressing frustration at this publicly, Crown Prince Tatsu took it upon himself to intervene. Soon after, dissent was quelled and the ranks of the Academy began to swell with driven young women, eager to learn the ways of war.

As disapproval turned to fascination, legions of cynical journalists, inspired schoolgirls, and heartsick young men formed encampments around the Academy's impenetrable walls, waiting in the vain hope that they would catch brief glimpse of the women training within. Public expectations soon grew to a fever pitch, fuelled by the massively popular weekly manga series "Flying Girl Azami" and its accompanying television series. When, the public demanded, would the gates of the Academy finally open? When would the fruits of the Emperor's labor be revealed?

"Soon," was always the answer.

And after eight years, the doors of the Academy finally opened.

But what awaited the frenzied public proved to beyond anyone's expectations: These doors, it turned out, were on the Academy's roof.

The eager young girls who had entered the Academy so long ago now emerged as formidable women, battle-ready warriors armed to the teeth and trained within an inch of their lives--the Women's Elite Aerial Infantry Division, soon to be christened by an excited public as the "Rocket Angels."

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