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Construction yard
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Empire of the Rising Sun


Military HQ for Imperial commanders
Provides radar




3000 (MCV)


Imperial MCV

GDI Engineer 2047
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The Construction yard was the heart of every Imperial base during the War of the Three Powers and the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising. It was used to produce Nanocores to construct other structures. The vessel can be repacked and redeployed in any accessible place, both land or water, that have enought room to deploy. It have less building range that the Allied and Soviet counterpart, but it was covered by its unique nanocore instant production and deployment. The system enable instant deployment without range restriction, provided that nanocore reach targeted area and deployed safely. Some nanocore cannot be constructed without access to Nanotech mainframe. Nanocore for Giga-Fortress can be assembled here, with proper access


RA3 Empire Packup Icons
Pack Up Converts to a Mobile Construction Vehicle, which may then redeploy to new locations.

In-game structure

The Imperial construction yard can build nanocores for the following structures:

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