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The Institute for Liquid Tiberium was a top-secret GDI research facility located in Central Australia that conducts research into liquid Tiberium.


Composed of the world's most brilliant scientists, the Institute was one of the most controversial research departments of GDI. Under James De Groot, it has worked tirelessly to unlock the mysteries of Liquid Tiberium. [1][2]

However, this research was incredibly dangerous, leading to nearly two dozen fatalities in 2033, which made potential researchers uneasy about working at such a remote location in Australia. The Director for the Department of Covert R&D, Eliot Smith-Johnson, was concerned about this state of affairs. By 2034, the GDI Council's patience was wearing thin, and they were considering cutting the budget for De Groot and shutting down the project. Their determination was further amplified by the fact that no tangible results were produced whatsoever.[1]

Storyline development

In order to announce the Brotherhood's return, Kane sent LEGION to destroy the facility and trigger a cataclysmic explosion, which will turn much of Australia into a Red Zone and give Nod supporters worldwide a signal that it is time to unite once more. Supported by the freshly conscripted Marcion's Black Hand, LEGION succeeded in creating a magnificent conflagration.[2]

Just as Kane predicted, the resulting Liquid Tiberium explosion devastated much of central Australia, turning it into a Red Zone in one of the greatest environmental catastrophes since the Tiber incident.[3]


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