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Released in the second decade of the 21st century, the International Orthographic's Guide to Our World Today covers all manner of topic about the world reshaped by Tiberium.


If you were to equip yourself with a hardened Environment Suit and stand in the middle of a Red Zone, you would see a landscape straight out of hell. Theground is a blasted and barren plateau of rock laced with veins of Tiberium that shine through with a malevolent green radiance. On the horizon are massive formations of pure Tiberium that have welled up through the surrounding Earth. These frozen crystalline glaciers cast a sickly emerald glow on the surrounding terrain. Tilt your head and you'll comtemplate a cloudy, tortured sky alive with twisting patterns of shimmering light and flickers of lightning. If you wait long enough, you'll see an ion storm begin to form, the lightning overhead intensifying until the entire environment is lit with rapid strobing flashes. Eventually, the vast and terrible energyoverhead will begin arcing to the ground around you in a terrifying display of destructive force. These fireworks are accompanied by a howling toxic whirlwind that scours the deserted ground and drives shards of Tiberium before it at insane speeds.

Red Zones are like the surface of an alien world. Scientists have spectulated that Tiberium is actually a terraforming agent for an alien civilisation, slowly transforming our planet into an environment suitable for beings that have evolved on a different planet. No definitive conclusions have been reached.


Unauthorised reproduction of this text will be met with the harshest possible penalties, under the GDI anti-piracy convention of 2017.

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