Ion Disruption Field Generators
Ion distruptor field generator



Prevents ion cannon strikes

The Ion disruption field generators are preventing a potential strike from GDI's Ion cannon. Eliminate them!
- EVA, Siege of Temple Prime
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The Ion disruption field generators were Nod defensive structures designed to prevent ion cannon strikes on an immediate area. They were deployed during the Third Tiberium War at Temple Prime.[1]

Data on the Temple Prime generators were leaked to GDI by Nod Abbess Alexa Kovacs and AI LEGION in an attempt to discredit General Kilian Qatar before Kane.[2] The generators were subsequently targeted and destroyed by GDI during the siege.[1] This allowed GDI Acting Director Redmond Boyle to order an ion cannon strike on the complex, detonating the Liquid Tiberium Bomb, and luring the Scrin to Earth. The technology used in are probably a combination of a advanced jamming which distrupt the Ion Cannon's aiming function and/or uttilizing a variant of distruptor energy to the sky. The last technology is said to ionize the atmosphere so the Ion shot would be deflected or dispersed. Theoretically it require suppled energy and-due to their nature-is not on engineers capture's list.


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