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Ion cannon (Tiberian Twilight)
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The Ion cannon (Tiberian Twilight) is a defense structure of the GDI in Tiberian Twilight.


The fourth iteration of the ion cannon technology is a ground-based installation, which uses an orbital mirror to direct a powerful particle beam cannon strikes at any location on the battlefield. Unlike the previous version it can be fired at 6 different charge points giving varying amounts of damage from minimal to fully charged.

Despite lacking the awesome range and attack power of the Ion Cannon from the Third Tiberium War, the newly upgraded Ion Cannon unleashes an EMP field with the final explosion. The lack of power is a hinderance but the EMP can act as a great boost if used in collaberation with awaiting units.

When present, Zone Captains will be able to EMP enemy vehicles.


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The Ion Cannon must be protected from any attack from an enemy and a patient player who want to wait a several time will get a great shot to the enemy lines.The Ion Cannon is weak against moving targets that a crawler can avoid these attacks easily. The fully changed ion cannon can devastate a large area of the battlefeild.

Several Achievements can be earned if the player uses it to destroy several targets with it and the player launches a fully charged ion cannon.

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