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Forgotten Ironback
CC4 ironback



Anti-vehicle walker


Drill fists (Cannon)

Hit points


Armour type



6 CP

Produced by

Forgotten Hovel[1]

Attack range

Melee (Primary Attack), Short-Medium (Jump)


The Forgotten Ironback[2] was a type Forgotten mechanized construct in service during the Fourth Tiberium War. Upon its introduction it represented the pinnacle of Forgotten engineering.[3]

The Ironback is equipped with a scrap-metal hand which has primitive control as a hand as well as a large drill, which can be used for mining or, more commonly, as a weapon to punch through armor. The Ironback has also been outfitted with legs from out-of-service-and-destroyed Titan walkers, but without the same amount of weight, the Forgotten were able to engineer the walker to launch itself with the legs hydraulic systems, allowing it to fly a respectable distance and come crashing down ontop of enemy units, or to leap over a cliff that is common in the Red Zones the Forgotten lived in prior to the TCN (and still remain).

It is unknown who first designed the Ironback, but the Forgotten have made liberal use of them within their territories and are a common hire for those looking for the Forgotten's services as mercenaries.

The Ironback, in battle, delivers melee attacks with a pair of mechanical arms outfitted with a drill and a fist, for the left and right respectively.[3] It can also jump on and damage or destroy any unit it lands on, allowing Ironbacks to get themselves into range very quickly, but are vulnerable at their landing as the hydraulic legs recover.


Behind the Scenes

The Ironback was known as the Gorilla during development. The final name was chosen through a contest.[3]

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