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Italian Campaign

Invasion of Earth

Part of

Third Tiberium War




Italian Red Zone, Italy


GDI military victory
Nod tactical victory
Defeat of the Scrin


Global Defense Initiative

Brotherhood of Nod



Destroy the Scrin invaders

Capture a completed Threshold tower

Protect the towers from indigenous attack


Full GDI arsenal

Full Nod arsenal

Full Scrin arsenal



Very heavy

Near total
Escaped after Relay Node attacked by GDI

The Italian Campaign was the final stage in the Third Tiberium War between the Global Defense Initiative, the Brotherhood of Nod and the Scrin. As the name suggests, the final battles of the war took place in the Italian Red Zone, where Tiberium was first discovered. The campaign, and the war, ended with the Scrin invasion neutralised, a GDI military victory and the capture of the last Threshold tower by Nod.


Even before the Scrin invaded, GDI and Nod were at war with each other since March 2047. GDI only managed to gain the upper hand after they drove Nod out of the Blue Zones and besieged Temple Prime. Kane placed a Liquid Tiberium Bomb deep in the basement of the Temple and provoked GDI to use their Ion Cannon against Temple Prime, obliterating all forces present and turning Eastern Europe into a Red Zone. The blast attracted the attention of the Scrin and made planetfall. However, GDI Director Boyle panicked and ordered the Ion Cannon network to fire on the invaders. This resulted in the aliens committing violent attacks on the major cities around the world.

The Scrin converged in the world's Red Zones, the bulk of them in the Italian peninsula. The Relay Node had already been constructed at the Tiber river, though this was not noted at the time. When GDI reclaimed New Eden from the invaders, they focused their attention on the 19 massive towers that were being constructed in the Red Zones. Four of those towers were located in Italy. Kane, meanwhile sent his best Commander to secure a tower in Italy. Thus GDI and Nod began their Italian campaign against the Scrin.

Battles in the Italian Campaign




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