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RA3 Gameicon
RA3 Gameicon
Javelin Soldier



Anti-armor and anti-aircraft infantry


Missile launcher







Build time


Produced by

Boot camp

Ground attack


Air attack


Attack range
  • Medium
  • Medium-long (if using the targeting laser)

Able to paint a target with its laser for greater firing rate

Hey, man!
- Javelin soldier
RA3 Javelin Soldier Icons

The Javelin soldier is an Allied anti-tank/anti-air specialist infantry.


While Peacekeepers engage enemy infantry, Javelin soldiers fire missiles against enemy vehicles and aircraft. Javelin Soldiers are the replacement for the Guardian GI, which was lost from the Allied arsenal due to Cherdenko changing the time stream. Although not as armored as their shotgun wielding counterparts, the Peacekeeper, they are much more effective against tanks and are capable of engaging aircraft, something the Peacekeepers have no claim to. Together, the two form the core of Allied infantry divisions.

The Javelin soldiers' launchers can also paint targets with a laser, increasing the troopers' lethality, assuming that they have the time to charge their laser, the target doesn't leave their range or forcing them on the move while "painting" the target. If the lock-on process is complete, the Javelin soldier can activate the missile auto fire that launch near infinite rapid missile fire. This bursts will stop if the target is destroyed or the Javelin soldier, in any reason, call off the shot.

The Javelin soldier look and act like sports teachers for the Peacekeepers. This is seen in the spirit's movement: while peacekeepers are peforming their push ups awaiting orders, the Javelin's word and appearance can "lift up" their sports spirit for them. On the downside, the Javelin's choice of outfit pack lesser armour that the Peacekeeper. In addition with the weapon employed, this makes the Javelin soldiers quite vulnerable to any basic infantry. Thus, Javelin soldiers are often paired with anti-infantry units.

Unfortunately, unlike the Peacekeeper, there is no detailed information on the Javelin Soldiers' history and origins, please make due with what has been gleaned from field recon.


RA3 Javelin Launcher Icons
Javelin Launcher The Javelin Soldier's primary mode of fire. In this mode, rockets are fired without laser guidance, without the same amount of firepower or accuracy. However, this requires no lock-on period, which makes it generally more suitable against most targets.
RA3 Laser Lock Icons
Laser Lock Activating laser guidance allows the Javelin Soldier a much higher rate of fire as well as increased accuracy, though requires a period of time before firing in order to lock on to a target. Highly effective against tougher and less mobile enemy vehicles, as well as structures.

Game Unit

Pros Cons
  • Very good anti-armor and anti-aircraft unit
  • Powerful in Numbers
  • Laser Guided Mode makes them more accurate
  • Can reduce a lightly defended base to rubble
  • Helpless against Anti-Infantry
  • Hopeless if Desolator Strike attacks him
  • Tier 2 and 3 Vehicles crush them easily
  • It takes time to use Laser Guided Mode
Hold still, sucker!
- Javelin Soldier, preparing to fire with laser targeting locked

The soldiers may not move while activating or using their special ability, which increases the rate of fire for a small amount of time in locking the target.

The soldiers also do an MC hammer dance. These soldiers in Command & Conquer: Red Alert (iPhone) has the same anti air and anti armor role.

Of all dedicated anti tank soldiers fielded in (alternate) Great World War III, the Javelin soldier offers more firepower compared to a Flak Trooper or Tankbuster. In laser aimed mode they can attack targets with a longer range, delivering significant punch while act as "standoff" platform. Thus, they can act as a "mini artilery" if managed well. Base defences like Tesla Coil are still capable of scorching them before come within range, however they can dispose Super Reactors from a safe range.


Upon exiting the Boot Camp

  • Javelin, right here!


  • What's up, coach?
  • Where the next place?
  • Yo!
  • Hey, man!
  • Javelin!
  • Javelin on deck!
  • I'm ready!


  • Gotcha back!
  • Let's hustle!
  • Make it a move!
  • Taking position!
  • Go, go!
  • Alright, coach!
  • That sound's mine!
  • Stay low!

Garrisoning Structure

  • This is our house!
  • We'll take it!
  • Good call!
  • Nice pay!
  • We'll scope it out!

Attacking ground

  • Catch this!
  • Hit 'em hard!
  • Going deep!
  • Wide open!
  • Watch this one!
  • Take this out!
  • Hit it!
  • Eat this!

Attacking air

  • Locked on here we go!
  • Here comes the hail Mary!
  • This is a no fly zone!
  • Come on down!
  • Come on, splash 'em!

Attacking with Laser Lock

  • He's locked, give me a second!
  • Charging up!
  • Wait for it!

Move to Attack

  • We can take 'em!
  • Hell yeah!
  • Here we come!
  • It's go time!
  • Do it!
  • Sack 'em!
  • Blitz' em
  • He's mine!
  • We can take these fools!

In combat

  • Don't you worry, I've got plenty more!
  • They ain't stopping us!
  • Keep the pressure on 'em!
  • That is, that is!
  • I can hang with this!
  • Fools is getting cloud!
  • This was on me!

Under fire

  • Taking some hit!
  • Pressure's on over here!
  • That all they got!?
  • Keep 'em off!
  • Aw hell no!
  • Where's our team!?


  • Two real-world Javelin missile systems exist: the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile system used by the contemporary US military and the British Javelin surface-to-air missile.
  • The weapon that the soldier actually uses looks similar to a Stinger missile launcher. 
  • It is unusual for the soldier to not wear any sort of body armor as he is only wearing his undershirt in combat.
  • The Javelin Soldier's mannerisms and quotes are reminiscent to American football players to the point that they refer to the player as their "Coach".

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