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John W.E. Vladislav
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Project Omega Chief Engineer

John W.E. Vladislav was the chief engineer of Project Omega and one of the key minds behind the Tiberium Control Network.


An exceptionally intelligent and creative man, Abbot Vladislav was one of the creators of the TCN. His reverse engineering of Scrin technology, in particular chemistry involved in their manufacturing and power production has represented a quantum leap in the evolution of warfare. By cracking the secrets of the biomechanical aliens, Vladislav allowed for Nod ordnance to become tougher, lighter, faster and yet still modular and efficient enough to be assembled quickly at a low cost. The SG-11 Salamander would be a good example of these new trends.


The character's name is a reference to John W.E., a noted community member and former administrator of Command & Conquer Files at Gamefront.


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